Katherine Heigl adds 'timeless style and vintage character' to her kitchen with this antique-inspired piece

These functional light fixtures are a stunning wall addition, striking a balance between traditional and contemporary

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When it comes to setting a mood in a room, lighting is essential to ambiance. From wattage to lighting fixture, there are several factors that go into making lighting work in a space, but we must say that we are partial to the traditional charm of a sconce.

This preference has been solidified by a photo of Katherine Heigl's home featuring some antique-inspired light fixtures. The 27 Dresses and Knocked Up star's brass sconces add a vintage touch to the modern, white space, both illuminating the kitchen and balancing its contemporary appearance.

Experts say that first and foremost, when brainstorming lighting ideas, it's important to prioritize sconces (or alternative lighting fixtures/lamps) that will seamlessly blend in with a room's existing design.

'It's all about maximizing impact, ensuring functionality, and choosing designs that complement the overall aesthetic of a home,' says Industville founder Mara Rypacek Miller. 'Consider the architectural features and era of a property’s design. For instance, bulkhead wall lights lend character and a charmingly rugged feel to a contemporary space.'

The next factor in choosing suitable lighting for the home is the fixture's material. Though sconces can be made of anything from sturdy materials like wood and stone to more delicate ones like glass, there is one in particular that Rypacek Miller recommends.

'Opt for recycled materials like brass,' she says. 'Not only is it a sustainable choice, but over time, brass develops a patina, lending timeless style and vintage character to any space.'

Alternatively, a gold or silver sconce would be a great fit for a more modern space, with natural elegance and sheen – though these materials would look just as fabulous juxtaposed with more rustic home details.

Finally, sconce placement is also critical to the look and feel of a room's lighting: we love how Heigl's lights are slightly raised but are much closer to room activity than a typical ceiling lamp or pot light.

'Strategically placing wall lights to accentuate specific areas, like cooking or seating spots, not only enhances functionality but also creates a warm and inviting ambiance well into the evening,' Rypacek Miller explains. 'However, it is important to pay attention to the height and placement of lights to avoid glare and ensure adequate illumination.'

Below, find a variety of sconces that are sure to suit any home's design scheme.

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