Kathy Griffin's patio furniture is 'striking yet subtle' thanks to this versatile and popular color choice

The comedian created a juxtaposition on her white patio with contrastable furniture, and experts love its timeless look

Kathy Griffin
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As the days grow long and the sun lingers, we've got patio furniture on the mind. Patios are opportunities to create a comfortable (and stylish) oasis outside, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to design trends. One style choice that will never go out of fashion is a tried and true black.

Comedian Kathy Griffin provides an example of how chic black outdoor furniture can look, particularly when it contrasts with lighter elements. The stand-up known for her wry wit and red hair posted a video to her Instagram page showing her standing on her all-white balcony patio, marked by sleek black seats and dark gray throw pillows.

Black is certainly commonplace in interior living rooms, looking elegant as a smooth leather sofa or painted wood coffee table. However, decorating with black in an outdoor living area is a fantastic way to infuse refinery and moody ambiance into the area.

'Black furniture is striking yet subtle. Black patio furniture may seem like a stray away from the crisp whites and soft beiges we so often see; however, utilizing a dark color is just as versatile, yet incredibly stylish,' Homes & Gardens' digital editor Jennifer Ebert says.

A key benefit of black patio furniture is the visual interest it creates. It contrasts any other surrounding colors, from whites and neutrals to green grass or gray stone.

'If you're working with a light landscape, like Kathy Griffin's white patio, black furniture is ideal as it creates focal points,' Ebert says. 'Plus, you can always tie lighter shades back in via furniture accessories like pillows and blankets. Griffin's lighter pillows are a great example of this.'

Furniture materials are another way to balance the bluntness of black. While metal or wood furniture in black can look a bit severe (and retains more heat), softer materials counteract the boldness of the shade.

'Try experimenting with materials like a black rattan with white cushions, or black cotton, which stays cooler even in high temperatures,' Ebert explains.

Black, like white, can feel cold or sterile if it's presented in materials like marble and stone, so utilizing texture is optimal for both comfort and fabric diversity.

Jennifer Ebert
Jennifer Ebert

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Below, we have rounded up some black furniture that is suitable for any patio landscape and is sure to both glamorize the space and provide comfort for guests. We're also sure they'll impress for many springs and summers to come.

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