Kendall Jenner ensures her neutral bedroom remains interesting with this Scandinavian decorating trick

The bedroom is a sanctuary of sleep-inducing hues – but it remains beautiful with this Nordic styling technique

Kendall Jenner
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Of all the spaces around the home, the bedroom is perhaps the hardest to style. In this space, sleep is key, and often, that can influence the colors and spaces we use to decorate. 

Subtle neutrals, including off-whites, creams, and earthy browns, are among the most favored hues for promoting a good night's sleep – meaning we're often left with the question of how to keep our spaces interesting. The answer, however, may be found in Kendall Jenner's bedroom – or rather, her hygge-inspired decorating technique.

Jenner keeps her therapeutic bedroom color palette interesting by inspiring the use of varying textures, all of which tap into the hygge aesthetic. Hygge, a term in Danish and Norwegian, translates to cozy, contented mood that celebrates comfort and conviviality, and in Jenner's case, it's possible through her soft furnishings. 

While Jenner's bedroom is predominantly cream, the supermodel has incorporated a range of textures – from the soothing mid-century accent chair to the decorative rug and curtains gathering on the dark wooden floor. The hygge space is a celebration of neutrals, but it's far from boring, and it contributes to a better night's sleep. 

'Creating a hygge bedroom ultimately means creating a space that brings you peace and stillness. The bedroom is arguably the room that would benefit from this the most as it’s the room you relax in, and the more relaxed you are, the better you sleep,' begins Joanna Ross, the general manager of design at Sheridan. The slumber expert expands on the importance of layering and how this can help us sleep better

'One of my favorite ways to achieve hygge in the bedroom is by layering. Think cushions and throws that add warmth and texture,' she says.

'You can have a lot of fun with contrasting different materials, which makes your bed the focal point of the room. My only advice is don’t go overboard with the cushions or decorative elements. Less can be perfect in your pursuit of rest and relaxation. Just stick with a very select edit focusing on tactility and comfort.'

Neutral bedroom with couch positioned at the end of the bed

A neutral bedroom with varying layers like Jenner's. 

(Image credit: Noah Webb)

As mentioned, decorating with neutrals, much like Jenner, is the perfect starting point when tapping into the hygge aesthetic – but that doesn't mean we should limit our color palette. 

'The best color schemes to build upon for a hygge look are soft neutrals. It makes sense, if you think about it, that nature-derived colors are key to a cozy and relaxed environment. Don’t let this stop you from experimenting with other colors to personalize your space, though,' Ross notes.

'Soft greens, blues, lavenders, and pinks are all great complimentary options. Another tip is to incorporate natural materials into your layers and then build accents with  plants, seashells, or wooden features – bringing the outside in helps to make the space feel more inviting.'

Joanna Ross
Joanna Ross

Joanna Ross has worked at Australian home and lifestyle brand, Sheridan, for over 5 years, and has a background in fashion retail and buying, trend forecasting and textile design.

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