Kendall Jenner's minimalist living room 'fosters a sense of tranquility and cleanliness' that's always in fashion

A boucle sofa paired with white floors and walls makes for a serene and sophisticated space

Kendall Jenner
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The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for their refined-yet-bold approach to life, whether it be through their personal style or their interiors. When it comes to the latter, modern luxury is the common thread between the celebrity sisters, and this week, we've been eyeing Kendall Jenner's all-white living area.

The model and 818 Tequila founder posted a photo recently dressed in her Easter best (a flowy white dress), which perfectly matched her greige boucle sofa, carpet, and white lamp.

Apart from a large statement painting behind her, the space is entirely cream and white. This monochrome look is a timeless trend for a living space, and in white, it particularly creates a calming ambiance. In all their beauty, white living rooms can be seen as safe and (we dare say) boring – but Jenner's use of textures and, of course, the injection of artwork ensure her space is anything but dull and clinical. And, of course, these hues come with designer approval that isn't set to waver. 

'All-white schemes are a sought-after choice for those yearning for a fresh and serene space,' explains James Scaife, director at Olson and Baker. 'The color white creates an illusion of spaciousness, expanding even the smallest rooms and infusing them with an airy feel. Acting as a versatile blank canvas, white allows effortless coordination with any decor style. Not only this, but it also provides flexibility for future design changes.'

James Scaife
James Scaife

James Scaife is the director of the luxury furniture company Olson and Baker. His role allows him to observe buying trends – before endorsing only the finest manufacturing practices, authentic materials, and furniture designs designed to stand the test of time. 

Scaife notes that one of white's key properties is its ability to reflect light, resulting in a bright, sun-filled, and inviting atmosphere.

'All-white interiors foster a sense of tranquility and cleanliness,' he states. 'They establish a serene sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Conversely, it leaves you with the opportunity to add colorful accents and statement pieces, too. This allows you to add personal touches and create captivating focal points.'

To uphold this clean appearance, Scaife recommends investing in some white storage solutions so that clutter is tucked away and the space feels as expansive as possible.

'These can contribute to cohesive and organized space planning, all while enhancing the room's bright and spacious ambiance,' he says. And, if it's good enough for Jenner, we're not going to argue with that.

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Below, we've rounded up some white living room essentials that can make even the smallest of spaces feel expansive and serene. We particularly love the Boucle Loveseat that's almost identical to the one in Jenner's space. 

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