Kendall Jenner uses this playful furniture technique to bring streamlined style to her neutral living room

The model experiments with a subtle yet chic decorating trick to ensure her living space never feels boring – and it has functional benefits, too

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With Kendall Jenner's position as one of the industry's most famous supermodels (and her place in, arguably, one of the most talked-about families in the world) comes the inevitable need for a soothing, therapeutic home. Thankfully, however, Jenner's Calabasas retreat fits the bill perfectly. Her secret? Neutral colors.

While decorating with neutrals has its calming (and eternally versatile) qualities, there is a risk that this palette can sometimes feel boring when not styled thoughtfully. There are many ways to ensure our neutral rooms remain interesting – with many often opting for layered textures and accessories such as artworks and statement indoor plants. Jenner, however, has chosen the most comforting solution of all: curved furniture.

Jenner's living room, curated by the interior design team Clements Design and Waldo Fernandez, utilizes curved furnishings, most notably her curved sofa and circular marble table that, together, add playful interest to the space. However, as designers explain, there's more to curved furnishings than their good looks.

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'Semi-circular or curved furniture like coffee tables, kitchen islands, and large dining tables embody elegance and boldness. They add playfulness to the interior, and their non-standard silhouettes allow them to depart from the usual strict straight lines,' comments designer Natasha Frolova. These furnishings have fallen in and out of style over recent centuries, but, in recent seasons, they've enjoyed a revival (yes, even before we spotted one in Jenner's living room).

'The popularity of curved lines is influenced by several factors: The revival of retro styles, especially from the 60s and 70s, the desire to connect with nature, and the growing recognition of interior design as an antidote to stress,' Frolova comments.

'The right design can provide a sense of comfort and security – this is especially true for remote workers. The surest way to achieve this is to have as few corners as possible! Hence the desire for streamlined, comfortable shapes.'

White striped carpet, curved sofa, black curve lamp

A neutral living room with a curved sofa (much like Jenner's space).

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Alongside its aesthetic and calming benefits, designers also praise curved furniture for its functional qualities – with curved sofas (like Jenner's) particularly favored for its sociable qualities.

'Curved furniture can become a focal point with unusual chairs or tables, but another big benefit is functionality. Curved sofas, in particular, are known for their comfort and ability to promote privacy. A rounded seating area creates a cozy atmosphere conducive to conversation and relaxation, making curved sofas ideal for living rooms, lounges, or other public spaces and private interiors,' Frolova says.

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