Kim Kardashian uses this living room color palette strategically – for a contemporary take on an 'outdated' hue

The socialite modernizes gray via textural details, contemporary shapes, and an overall ambiance that exudes the quiet luxury trend

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Kim Kardashian's home is perhaps the ultimate figure of quiet luxury. With its grand halls and entirely neutral color palette, the magnificent house is a fixture on both the reality series, The Kardashians, and the TV personality's Instagram page.

Speaking of the latter; Kardashian recently shared a photo to her feed of her spacious living room, and we were particularly impressed with how the room utilizes gray amongst other neutrals. A shade that goes in and out of fashion, gray looks modern and sophisticated in this space thanks to textural details and contemporary shapes.

A popular hue in the 2010s, gray has seen less love over the last few years, wherein it has often been overshadowed by its beige counterparts. However, experts say that when incorporated strategically (and therefore, stylishly), it can be a timeless shade in the home.

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'Despite its decrease in popularity, homes like Kim Kardashian's prove that gray still has a strong hold on interiors,' Homes & Garden's editor, Jennifer Ebert states. 'Rather than paint a wall gray, implementing subtle gray tiles on the wall, as Kardashian has done, is more effective and trend-forward since it's textured.'

Kardashian expertly uses texture to maintain visual interest in her neutral living space; a tactic that experts highly recommend for good reason.

'When working with neutrals, it can be easy for the colors to blend into each other so that there is a lack of dimension,' Ebert explains. 'Kardashian's curved, white sofas contrast nicely against her rectangular seating next the fireplace, while the aforementioned tiled-effect walls give some additional visual interest to the space.'

Behind Kardashian, there is also a woven storage basket, which brings life (and texture) to the neutral space.

'Juxtaposing a natural or handmade piece, such as a woven basket, against a gray wall, is an excellent way to make a neutral living room feel simultaneously calm, as it harkens back to natural elements, and lively,' Ebert explains.

Not only does it look great, but it keeps the luxurious space looking tidy and eliminates clutter.

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