Kristen Bell's neutral landing features a serene, calming color that will be a forever favorite

Beige and cream provide the perfect base for a beautiful, designer scheme

Kristen Bell
(Image credit: Getty Images / Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer)

Gracing homes up and down, beige is undoubtedly the standout star of 2023, and American actress Kristen Bell's home is no exception. A color once considered bland, beige has proved itself to be an enduring neutral and is one of the most popular room color ideas to decorate within the home. 

Decorating with beige and other neutrals to add warmth and elegance to a room should not be underestimated. A soft scheme of harmonious neutrals creates a reflective backdrop to the ever-changing light of the seasons. Used in their family home, Kristen Bell and her husband, actor and comedian Dax Shephard have utilized this serene color scheme to perfection. So, if the shade is at the top of your snooze list – it’s time to have a re-write. 

It's fair to say that at Homes & Gardens, we've been championing maximalist interior schemes and bold decorating ideas for some time, but a neutral backdrop can enable beautiful architecture, decorative furniture, and bespoke artworks to make a true style statement.  

From oyster and beige to sand and gray hues, the secret to neutrals is to pick the right tones for the type of light coming into your room. Cool light works well with warmer neutrals while south-facing light has a yellow hue, so cooler neutral colors are best. 

Neutrals, such as beige and taupe, have been the most desirable colors for many households during the last few years, and perhaps for good reason. Many people feel most comfortable when surrounded by carefully balanced color schemes that create an understated environment and make few demands on the eye. 

Colors inspired by nature have an intrinsic calming influence, provoking a similar response to that from gazing out upon a beautiful country or seascape. An earthy neutral like beige, whether it verges on stone, putty, plaster, or sand, is easy to coordinate with, though the trick is matching the beige tone to the colors you surround it with.

A beige color scheme offers infinite possibilities for making spaces airy and relaxing, refined and timeless, or elegantly sophisticated.

Jennifer Ebert

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