Lenny Kravitz utilizes this trending outdoor piece for peak relaxation – it 'significantly enhances the outside area's appearance'

The soaking tub comes in a rustic wood finish, an expert-approved material for this mind and body-calming staple

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The only thing better than bathing is bathing outdoors (if we do say so ourselves). Post-pandemic, we have seen a rise in cold plunges and outdoor tubs in backyards, with many choosing to participate in self-care routines from the comfort of their own homes.

One such person is none other than Lenny Kravitz. The It Aint Over 'til It's Over singer and bicoastal actor-musician recently shared a photo of himself lounging in a wood soaking tub (albeit, shielding himself from the rain with an umbrella). However, we can't picture anything better as a sunny day activity, with the tub giving us some backyard inspiration.

Soaking tubs are highly beneficial for the mind, body, and soul, which explains why they are sought after by so many, especially in a therapeutic outdoor bathroom setting.

'It's a meditative experience that helps in concentration, healing, and relaxation,' Jasper Knight, founder of Secret Saunas. 'Deep, prolonged immersion in warm water enhances blood flow and reduces tense muscles. Couple that with taking a dip outside in the open air, where you can listen to the calming sound of the wind and the gentle rustle of leaves. It is an all-encompassing, calming experience that encourages mental and physical recovery.'

Knight also says that in addition to being good for our mental and physical health, outdoor tubs can (and should) look fabulous in backyards.

'They have an exquisite look and can significantly enhance the outside area's appearance,' he states. 'In addition, the growing trend of adding wellness and spa-like features to houses is making outdoor soaking tubs a sought-after luxury.'

According to Knight, Kravitz is onto something with his tub choice.

'Wood is the best material for outdoor bathtubs, especially teak and cedar, which are inherently moisture- and rot-resistant,' he explains. 'It's not too difficult to clean and care for a wooden soaking tub.'

In order to maintain wood tubs, Knight suggests a cleaning protocol that will ensure its longevity.

'After each use, drain all of the hot water from the soaking tub,' he suggests. 'If there are any stains, use antibacterial soap to get rid of them. After cleaning, squeeze out as much moisture as you can and wipe away any lingering water. Following that, open the soaking tub and let it air out naturally. Should the tub be left unused for a long period, it could get extremely dry and eventually crack. To prevent this, placing a bucket filled with water in the bathtub with the lid left on can help prevent drying.'

Kravitz's use of wood also ensures his tub blends with its natural surroundings. Wherever we might choose to locate our tub, ensuring the materials we use feel in keeping with its natural surroundings will help create a cohesive scheme – and create a relaxing space that rivals that of a luxury spa.

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