Leslie Mann's kitchen cabinet color is a show-stopping homage to the most divisive color of 2023

Rethinking pink – Leslie Mann's kitchen gives Barbie's favorite shade the luxe look

Leslie Mann
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Blush shades are blossoming in the home, both for their versatility and soothing design qualities. From hints of rose to on-trend setting plaster, it is a flattering choice for any room.

The renaissance of this color is not surprising – from the softest blush to the hottest fuchsia, Leslie Mann's kitchen is certainly a head-turner. With its connotations of grace, purity and elegance, the color also has significant historical provenance. 

‘Pinks have been used throughout history and ranged from the plaster pinks, based on red ochre, to the blossom pinks from crimson lakes,’ says Edward Bulmer, an architectural historian, interior designer and founder of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. ‘The latter were expensive and much loved as a tinting color on ornamental plasterwork from the 18th century onwards. They are a perennial favorite as they flatter both building and occupant.’

Fast forward to 2023, and you'll know that pink, especially Barbie pink, has been the talk of the year, so it is no surprise that this particular room color caught the attention of the Homes & Gardens editors. 

In Leslie Mann's family kitchen, pink packs a decorative punch with not one, but two pink kitchen ideas. Fans of daring kitchen cabinet colors will love this home, and fans of decorating with pink will love it still more. And for anyone wishing to embrace a Barbie pink scheme of their own, we have some good advice.

While so often thought of as a color for bedrooms and relaxing spaces, don’t overlook the potential of pink in more practical rooms such as kitchens, where it can lend a character touch. In particular, the atmosphere of a kitchen can be greatly influenced by the color you choose. 

‘There’s so much to consider when designing your kitchen, and color is one of the most effective tools you have when it comes to creating atmosphere and character,’ says Neptune’s Fulham branch kitchen designer Stephanie Nix. 

‘Pinks are an incredibly popular color at the moment; they work beautifully with the undertones of Carrara marble and mix with pale or darker greys to create a calming cooking space. You could also introduce black accessories through lighting or black-bronze handles to keep the look chic and sophisticated.’

However, be wary of opting for pinks that are overly sugary. ‘Pink has a very alluring quality. It draws you in, is welcoming and easy on the eye. But you have to be really careful not to get too sickly sweet,’ says interior designer Samantha Todhunter. 'To dial back the sugary nature of some pinks, look to use shades with tones of gray.’ 

With its versatility as a ‘new gender neutral’ shade, there are no house rules when it comes to using glamorous blush and hot pinks to decorate every room.

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