Maren Morris uses this 1950s decorating technique to bring retro flair to her otherwise contemporary dining area

The singer's dining space features warm, retro-inspired furniture pieces that tap into the beloved and timeless mid-century modern trend

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As an artist who fuses traditional and modern genres in her music, it makes sense that Maren Morris favors one of the ultimate contemporary trends in interior design: mid-century modern.

As a classic yet trend-forward style, MCM pieces have been peppering many a celebrity home over the last several years, and Morris has put her own twist on the beloved trend in her living space, as evidenced on her Instagram. In a photo posted to the The Middle singer's feed, we can see the retro inspirations via her sleek wood dining table, wicker chairs, and fanned-out lampshade.

For those who love neutral hues but like their furnishings to have some history and personality, mid-century modern decor is the perfect home addition. Experts say that its popularity comes in waves, but right now, it's at a high.

'An enduring trend, mid-century modern design is having a resurgence,' says Fishe & Lilly founder Stephen Young. 'Vintage pieces in solid wood, boasting clean (and often curved) simple lines, in warm-toned teak or oak wood hues are all reminiscent of the design zeitgeist.'

The design trend's history dates back to the 1940s and '50s, when craftsmanship and simple, functional pieces were the norm among homeowners.

'Design that evolved as a response to a post-World War II environment, where mass production was matched with optimism, giving way to more functional furniture - the trend was a rebellion against the ornate traditions of previous decades,' explains Young.

There is no one way to approach the mid-century modern trend – it's a highly customizable style – however, there are some staple pieces that Young recommends.

'Unashamedly retro, think low coffee tables, statement storage pieces, and minimalist sideboards - all easy additions to a room to bring a flavor of the 50s to any interior,' he states.

While Morris has implemented the mid-century modern trend in her dining room, we can easily see a low, wood coffee table looking sleek in a sunken living space. In fact, there is arguably no room where this aesthetic won't impress.

Shop the Morris-inspired mid-century modern edit

Below, find some mid-century modern furnishings that are one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to make a living space look retro and contemporary all at once. We particularly love the rattan chairs that are (almost) identical to those in the singer's space.

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