Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird’s New York City bathroom champions a retro design style

Taking reference from Brazil’s classic architecture, interior designer Mark Grattan experimented with mosaic tiles in the sports celebrity duo’s NYC home

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird
(Image credit: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Staff)

Professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe and former basketball player Sue Bird recently renovated their NYC loft, enlisting the help of interior designer Mark Grattan. Whilst the entire home has been considerately designed into a refreshing and uplifting Manhatten abode, new images of the retro-inspired bathroom have won our attention. 

Grattan took to Instagram to share a set of detailed images of the primary bathroom, and we’re loving its core retro design. Opting for a primary pale-mint color, the room is refined and elegant, but with clear nods to retro-influences. In the post’s caption, Grattan talked through the inspiration he gained for the bathroom during a trip to Brazil. 

‘The primary bathroom I designed for Megan and Sue immediately pulls from São Paulo. One of the very first moments I noticed on my first trip to Brazil a few years ago was the use of mosaic tile on many exteriors of buildings,’ Grattan explains.

He goes on to say: ‘But the most unusual application was the living room and bathroom at Casa de Vidro. It felt refreshingly retro. I’ve never met a mosaic with abundance like this. It felt new, opinionated and full of quiet noise.’

The mosaic bathroom wall tiles evoke a certain sense of nostalgia in this home’s bathroom, and thanks to the muted hues of the bathroom – which continue throughout the home as pictured above – the space retains its tranquil and calm feeling.

Jennifer Ebert, deputy editor at Homes & Gardens approves of the experimental design choice, noting the practical nature of glass tiles as well as their aesthetic appeal. 'Glass bathroom tiles are a durable and practical choice for the bathroom, thanks to their stain-resistant properties. Elevating the bathroom with their simple and timeless design, glass mosaic tiles are a great way of creating a subtle retro look.'

Recreate the retro look

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