Michael Keaton's rustic outdoor furniture teaches us that the simplest pieces can be the most sophisticated

The Beetlejuice actor made a case for uncomplicated outdoor styling, and his aesthetic is replicable in every yard

Michael Keaton
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Beetlejuice's reboot is coming, and with that comes a hectic schedule for Michael Keaton (we expect, at least). Thankfully, however, the actor has the perfect place to recuperate between filming, and the look is replicable far beyond his Montana home. 

Keaton chose to subtly celebrate his Big Timber zip code with pared-back, unpainted wooden outdoor furnishings that allow the landscape to do most of the talking. However, despite its rawness, his outdoor space feels effortlessly sophisticated. The secret, experts say, is in his styling. 

Choosing organic outdoor furniture is the best place to start, but we should look to accentuate it with equally simple, earthy textures that don't overcomplicate our spaces. In Keaton's case, he has chosen wicker placemats, gingham cotton napkins, and a vase with lilacs – all of which pair seamlessly with the wooden table and bench.

To achieve this simple, almost farmhouse-style aesthetic, Keaton uses three simple accessories – and it's a look that works in his farmhouse-style space. It's a look that hasn't gone unnoticed by Jonny Brierley, the CEO of Moda Furnishings, who encourages us to spend time curating our outdoor spaces as we do indoors. 

'Styling your outdoor space should require much the same level of consideration as indoor styling. Think about layering patterns, colors, and materials to create a setting that is personal to you and your style,' Brierley says. In Keaton's case, he has opted for the rustic farmhouse style that perfectly matches his home's wider aesthetic – and we should do the same. 

'Rattan outdoor furniture can have both a modern feel if styled with monochrome accessories or a more traditional feel if styled with rustic throws and cushions. As with your interior scheme, this styling should express your individuality.'

Plus, creating a feeling of sophistication, even with the most rustic tables, is possible with the right styling. As Brierley explains, we can elevate our terraces and yards with strategic table placement – whether we have a wooden piece like Keaton's or not. 

'To give your dining experience more of a sense of grandeur, upsize your table by two place settings. For example, if you have an 8-seater table, seat six people around it to give your table a more generous feel,' Brierley comments. 

'This way, each guest will have more room for their glassware and crockery and won’t be knocking elbows with their tablemates. Generally, a minus-two rule works well. For example, seat eight people around a ten-seater table, six people around an eight-seater table, and so on.'

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It's time to elevate our backyard the Keaton way. Here are three of our current favorite picks for a timeless starting point. 

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