Wooden outdoor furniture – where to shop and what to buy

Find the best wooden outdoor furniture with our guide to where to shop for durable teak, eucalyptus, or acacia wood patio furniture

A modern wooden outdoor furniture set featuring a teak patio table and patio chairs
(Image credit: Ethnicraft)

Looking for the best wooden outdoor furniture? Whether you opt for teak, acacia or eucalyptus, wooden patio furniture makes for a stylish, practical, and durable addition to the backyard.

Available untreated or stained, wooden patio furniture can be sourced in a wide range of tones, any of which will blend beautifully into any outdoor setting, whether that's a classic courtyard or contemporary backyard. Low thermal conductivity also means wood won't get too hot or too cool, meaning it's always a comfortable temperature to sit on whether in summer or fall.

However, not all woods are created equal when it comes to outdoor use. Hardwoods are the ones to look out for – that includes slow-growing teak, and faster-growing acacia or eucalyptus – all of which have dense wood grains and high natural oil content that make it more difficult for rot-causing moisture to penetrate.

As an organic material, wood can also be an eco-friendly outdoor furniture option, capturing and locking in carbon as it grows. However, it's important to look for FSC-certified options that have been sustainably harvested, ensuring timber has been cut from well-managed forests rather than contributing to damaging deforestation.

You'll find a wider selection of backyard seating in our guide to the best outdoor furniture of the year, but if timber is calling your name, then in this guide we've rounded up the Homes & Gardens edit of the best places to shop for wooden outdoor furniture; helping you to jump straight to the stockists offering the most durable, practical, and stylish designs.

Where to shop wooden outdoor furniture

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The Homes & Gardens edit of best places to source wooden outdoor furniture; from big-name brands to the hidden gems whose collections you'll want to explore.

Joss & Main

A wooden outdoor dining set with bench seat

(Image credit: Joss & Main)

Joss & Main's wooden outdoor furniture offers options for all budgets, with teak investment pieces that are built for outdoor durability and more affordable acacia wood and eucalyptus outdoor sofas and dining sets. The collection strikes just the right balance between classic and contemporary, offering a great selection of timeless outdoor pieces with simple shapes and strong silhouettes that will work in a whole host of styles of backyard.

Editor's pick: Jemma Outdoor 4 Piece Dining Set with Cushions

Pricing: $$-$$$


A wooden loveseat and chairs

(Image credit: Target)

If you're looking for affordability, then Target's outdoor furniture collection offers on-trend designs with some very appealing price tags. We're particularly impressed by the brand's collaborations with some of the most popular names on the interior design scene, including the Studio McGee Threshold collection for Target which offers the design studio's signature laidback yet luxe style on a budget, and the bold and vibrant Opalhouse collection in collaboration with Justina Blakeney's Jungalow.

Editor's pick: Kaufmann Wood Patio Loveseat

Pricing: $-$$


A wooden outdoor seating set in gray-washed timber

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Offering a one-stop online shop for hundreds of affordable outdoor furniture brands, you're likely to find pretty much whatever you're looking for at Wayfair, and at a reasonable price. The wooden patio furniture offering can differ a lot in terms of materials and price, with budget softwood options and far more durable hardwood alternatives, so just make sure to check the small print to find out what type of timber you're investing in.

Editor's pick: Lark Manor Joliet Solid Wood 4-Person Seating Group

Pricing: $-$$$


A teak wood outdoor lounge set

(Image credit: Outer)

Determined to break the pattern that sees the average American spend 90% of their day indoors, Outer are on a mission to get people outdoors, and they're starting by ensuring we can all sit comfortably, and more eco-consciously. The brand's contemporary PE-wicker outdoor sofa collection is currently made from 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, repurposing 100 ocean plastic bottles with every chair, whilst its aluminum and Indonesian teak ranges are built to withstand the elements, offering longevity of design to keep products out of landfill.

Editor's pick: Teak Outdoor Loveseat with Armchairs

Pricing: $$$-$$$$

Birch Lane

A pair of wooden deckchairs next to a lawn

(Image credit: Birch Lane)

Along with a wide range of wooden outdoor rocking chairs that are perfect for the porch, Birch Lane also offers a good selection of wooden patio tables and chairs, and space-saving wooden bistro sets that can be folded up and stored away easily when they're not in use. Materials range from acacia to eucalyptus, with prices reflecting the durability of each wood type. 

Editor's pick: Cael Eucalyptus 2-Person Seating Group

Pricing: $$-$$$

World Market

A wooden outdoor sofa and chairs

(Image credit: World Market)

Whether you're looking for a practical wooden dining set, an on-trend set of Girona chairs, or a classic Adirondack seat, World Market has a great outdoor collection on offer this season with plenty of pieces at relatively affordable price points. There are also some great eucalyputus wood outdoor dining sets and contemporary wicker lounge sets for creating a statement patio space.

Editor's pick: Graywashed Acacia Marciana Outdoor Occasional Collection

Pricing: $-$$$

How to choose wooden outdoor furniture

Before you start shopping for outdoor furniture – whether that's wood or otherwise – it's a good idea to spend some time thinking about how you want to use your outside space. 

Before you start shopping for outdoor furniture – whether that's wood or otherwise – it's a good idea to spend some time thinking about how you want to use your outside space. 

After all, there's no point investing in a cute-and-compact bistro table and chairs if you regularly entertain large numbers. 

In fact, if you do love entertaining then you might want to opt for a large trestle table that has room to accommodate plenty of guests or a spacious sectional sofa and armchairs that give everyone plenty of room to relax.

If the backyard is the place you retreat to for some quiet rest and relaxation, consider a comfortable chaise lounger, take a cue from our front porch ideas and invest in one of the best Adirondack chairs for some secluded seating, or group a small number of outdoor chairs together to create a more intimate seating area.

If you prefer to gravitate towards the pool, then easily maneuvrable chaise loungers and quick-drying water-resistant fabrics will be paramount – our pool ideas page can give you some inspiration for luxury poolside styling.

Find more decor inspiration for creating your dream outdoor space in our backyard ideas or patio ideas sections.

How to protect wooden patio furniture

When outdoor furniture shopping it's important not to get seduced by price or aesthetics alone. A bargain purchase can fast become far more expensive than it originally seemed – and a dream purchase lead to disappointment – if it doesn't weather more than one season. So it pays off in the long term to do a little research before you buy. 

To help decode the mysteries of long-lasting patio furniture, we asked the experts in our 'is outdoor furniture weatherproof?' feature. Their answers will help you to choose the best outdoor furniture materials for your environment – whether that's sun-baked, wet and windy, or a mixture of all the elements. 

However, *spoiler alert* when it comes to wooden outdoor furniture, as we've mentioned, hardwoods are best. Look for options like acacia, or eucalyptus for the most durable outdoor furniture. 

As well as choosing the right woods to begin with, you can also improve your investment's lifespan with these top tips:

Cover it when you can
The sun, wind, and rain will all over time weaken and weather outdoor wooden furniture. If you want to maintain these pieces as long as possible, then it’s wise to protect them from the elements whenever possible. This may mean placing your wooden patio furniture under an awning or covered patio, storing them during the winter, or investing in weather-resistant furniture coverings.

Regular cleaning
Keeping your wooden furniture cleaned can ensure it stays well preserved by removing debris and grime that can allow moisture to sit on the wood and form mold. To remove built-up grime you can lightly wet wooden furniture and then clean it with a soapy mixture (like dish soap) and a soft-bristle brush. A power washer can damage the wood, so it’s better to use a garden hose if necessary and be sure to scrub in the direction of the wood grain. If you notice mildew or major stains, water and vinegar is a good removal solution. 

Most hardwood furniture will naturally weather and mellow to a silver-gray patina over time as the natural oils present in the timber dissipate. If you want to maintain the blonde or rich brown colors of the wood, you might want to consider using a wood sealant or oil to reintroduce the protective barrier to the wood every few years, or at the beginning of each summer season.

Paint acts similarly to a sealant in that it adds an extra barrier of protection to wooden outdoor furniture. It can also be a great way to revive tired wooden patio seating or add an injection of color to the backyard. A wash, sand down and a few coats of latex paint (ideally one that is waterproof/water-resistant and mold and mildew-resistant) can work wonders to make tired wooden pieces look like new.

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