Amy Lockwood

Amy Lockwood

Decor Editor

Amy’s eye for color, form, and composition was honed in the design studio, creating surface patterns for the interiors industry. Here she developed her knowledge of key design principles and gained a deeper understanding of how a space can influence our sense of wellbeing.

Amy’s own style is considered, contemporary and timeless, with a strong interest in contemporary craft and homewares that champion collaboration between traditional makers and innovative technologies. A belief that design must exist in balance with the natural world fuels her interest in exploring sustainable, circular, and regenerative design processes and underpins her passion for natural materials and responsible craftsmanship.

After completing her own house renovation, including far too much time spent deliberating over the exact shade of white paint, and several years working within the interiors industry, she now writes for Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, Ideal Home and Gardeningetc covering all things furniture and decor.

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