Nancy Meyers' home exterior offers a twist on a trending hue – color experts say it gives this traditional neutral a new lease of life

The director's butter yellow home exterior is as warm and cozy as her films, solidifying her status as a cult-favorite decorator

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The Nancy Meyers cinematic universe is acclaimed for its charming blend of romance and comedy; but for a cult crowd, the interior decor comes out on top as the most aspirational aspect of her films. Though the last film she directed came out nearly ten years ago (the Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro-led The Intern), it turns out that her own home is just as trend-forward as her set design.

The filmmaker recently shared a photo of her Spanish-style home, featuring terracotta roofing, greenery surrounding the windows, and, most notably, a butter yellow paint job. This hue is taking interiors by storm at the moment, and seeing it on the outside of a home is a unique take on the trend.

A mid-point between white and yellow, butter is beloved for its softness and versatility within the home and is one of the top summer color trends for 2024.

'The popularity of a warm buttery magnolia shade came from it being a neutral base color which could be paired with a range of other interior trends and colors, a shade which is inviting and warm, welcoming people into your space,' says Michael Rolland, paint expert, and managing director at The Paint Shed. 'As other neutral shades became more popular, Magnolia [a commonly used white paint hue] took a step back. However, with the new butter yellow paint trend, it seems to be having a comeback.'

Rolland explains that butter yellow is one of the most palatable and soothing color choices for the home. As such, decorating with yellow on the home's exterior gives passersby the impression that the home is calm and serene.

'One of my favorite things about this shade is its versatility; no matter which room you use it in, the warm yellow creates a calming environment,' he says. 'This is one of the reasons it is so popular within living spaces and kitchens as it creates a soothing feeling of warmth which can help to create a relaxed atmosphere.'

devol mid century modern kitchen with butter yellow walls

We can also use butter yellow indoors, including in our kitchens.

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There are endless color companion options that look fabulous next to butter yellow, but Rolland has a few specific recommendations.

'The adaptability of the butter yellow shade allows for it to be paired with many other colors, including earthy neutrals for a balanced feel, crisp black and white to add a touch of modern and contemporary to the home, and even bold shades such as navy blue to create a contrast in the space,' he suggests.

This means a butter yellow exterior would look great with dark accents, or even a greige door.

This 'new neutral' has a place in both interior and exterior spaces, the latter of which Meyers demonstrates. However, butter yellow isn't the only tone powerful enough to be categorized as a new neutral. When asked which color is replacing white, designers also say taupe, beige, amber, brown, rust, and sepia tones are taking center stage, especially indoors. If there's ever a time to turn our backs on gray and white, it's now.

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