Naomi Watts' dynamic living room color scheme conveys timeless elegance with a bold edge

The classic shades in the actress's home signal classic luxury in a striking way – experts say these statement hues draw the perfect amount of contrast

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Neutral color palettes have become the go-to in the unending pursuit of creating timeless interiors. Of all the combinations, black and white pairings are one of the most modern and bold ways to embrace the look. Naomi Watts's home is a prime example.

The actress's living room idea, captured in the back of a recent Instagram photo, embodies everything chic about a black-and-white color scheme. Watts's space features a black and white tiled floor against hardwood, white walls with black accents, and a piece of contemporary black and white art. A warm, reddish leather sofa brings in a pop of warmth.

Watt's living room color scheme is brought into the space in multiple ways, namely through the black and white floor. What is its effect on her room? 'It is a statement piece,' says Rotem Eylor, flooring expert at Republic Flooring. He continues, 'The contrast of the two colors offers a bold element that draws attention. Using a black and white floor in a living room creates a focal point, but also opens the space up in a dynamic way. The color combination is timeless, so using it only enhances a feeling of elegance.'

Furthermore, the black and white living room color scheme is the perfect pairing with white walls and natural wood flooring. Though on their own these design choices are incredibly simple, the boldness of the black and striking quality of the white transform it into something much more eye-catching.

rotem eylor of republic flooring
Rotem Eylor

Rotem Eylor is the hands-on CEO and Founder of Republic Floor, a successful flooring company based in California and Texas. Republic Floor manufactures a huge range of waterproof engineered flooring options that are widely used across the US.

Eylor tells Homes & Gardens: 'It creates a unique balance while adding an edge to the design. The black and white checkered floor is again bold, so adding the inherent warmth of natural wood and the clean look of a white wall brings the room together without it becoming overwhelming. It allows the pattern to stand out against the neutrality of the other design elements and draws the perfect amount of contrast.'

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If you are not ready to redo the floor of your living room in black and white tiles, it is still possible to replicate the look of Naomi Watt's gorgeous color scheme by integrating black and white accessories into your space. A black and white rug brings the look to the floor, while black and white light fixtures will give the room a balanced feel.

Though black and white isn't the first thing that comes to mind when considering neutral color schemes, it is an excellent option for creating a look that is bold, interesting, and modern but simultaneously timeless. Just look at Naomi Watts's living room for proof.

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