Nicole Kidman's traditional front door color is stunning – experts say the shade adds value to her home

A well-chosen front door color has an unrivaled impact on the home – and experts say Kidman's has additional, surprising benefits

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First impressions are important, a fact of which Nicole Kidman is well aware. The actress shared a video featuring the front of her home, and it's painted to impress.

Kidman's front door color is a beautiful, slightly glossy black. It sits perfectly against her cream-colored house with green ivy climbing up the walls. The beige porch with two concrete planters adds a further English garden touch to the property. The overall effect is absolutely stunning.

It may seem like a small detail, but the front door can have a huge impact. 'Due to the competitive market, it’s imperative for properties to make a lasting impression within seconds. And that's where the power of paint colors for the exterior of a home comes into play. We've seen firsthand how creating an iconic door can transform a property from ordinary to extraordinary,' Real Estate Expert at Curran's Home, Beatrice Brown, tells Homes & Gardens.

Though decorating with black can be difficult, the challenge is worth it when it comes to the front door. Experts say this shade is guaranteed to improve curb appeal. Brown states: 'While a neutral base is often recommended, accents of color can enhance a home's visual interest without overwhelming the overall look.'

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She continues, 'Consider incorporating pops of color on the front door, shutters, or trim to create focal points and add personality to the exterior.' In Nicole's case, the contrasting pop of dark black makes a strong impact against the cream paint on the rest of home. For those who are looking to sell their houses, Kidman provides the perfect recipe for increasing curb appeal.

In addition to its real estate benefits, painting your front door black is a stunning aesthetic choice. Megan Slack, celebrity style expert at Homes & Gardens says: 'We've been seeing more and more black doors on celebrity homes over the past few years. I think this look has gained popularity for its striking effect; the look is always bold and dramatic with a strong impact.'

She continues, 'I especially love the glossy black finish that Kidman has chosen for her home. A matte black look can sometimes absorb the light, but a glossy finish reflects it, making for a lighter and brighter look. It also adds a subtle opulence to the look that makes her home look all the more stylish and luxurious.'

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Nicole Kidman makes a bold statement at her home with a beautiful, black door. Thank goodness it's so easy to recreate the look.

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