Nikki Reed's outdoor baths capitalize on a new trend with expert-approved wellness benefits

Outdoor baths are the ultimate wellness (and home) accessory for the summer

Nikki Reed
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One of the pleasures of warmer weather is being able to spend more time outside. While backyard pools are the most typical way to get summer swimming time in, there's another method on the rise: outdoor tubs.

Twilight and Thirteen star Nikki Reed is on board the wellness trend, having posted a video to her Instagram page of her matte and metallic bathtubs (complete with a mountainside view).

'Bathing outdoors is quite possibly one of my favorite things in the world,' the actor captioned the post. 'Listening to the sounds of nature, watching the steam rise, and seeing Lily on the hillside in the distance were living on repeat in my mind. Such a fun place for the babies to play as well!'

Outdoor soaking tubs have been on the rise for the last few years, with many homeowners specifically implementing cold-plunging into their routines in the comfort of their own backyards. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, hot tubs remain popular for their soothing properties. Whether hot or cold, there are some important considerations to make when selecting an outdoor tub. Firstly, size.

'A soaking tub is generally deeper than a standard bathtub; around at least 20" to 29" in depth,' explains Karen Larson, co-founder at Soake Pools. 

Karen Larson
Karen Larson

Karen’s background is in textiles and design. She enjoyed working in the interior design field and even owned a chocolate shop at one time. After raising two children, she co-founded Soake Pools and gets excited by the challenge and variety in each day. Karen oversees all day-to-day operations and sales, and has led the company to success over the past near-decade. 

The next factor to decide on is tub material. Reed's tubs are matte black and smooth, but Larson recommends a variety of other materials for their aesthetic and tangible properties.

'Concrete with mosaic tile or cedar are the best materials for a soaking tub as they feel the most natural on the skin, and are both reminiscent of ancient times when deep soaking tubs were the norm,' Larson states.

Not only do the tubs look pleasing, but they have proven mental health benefits, too.

'Bathing outside has more of an effect than merely calming you down,' says designer Artem Kropovinsky. 'It can make you feel better and reduce stress. Nature, fresh air and sunlight are what makes it special.'

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