Padma Lakshmi uses this statement furnishing to experiment with a serene shade in her living room – and designers love its versatility

The writer's velvet sofa is a prime example of how the color toes the line between nature and sophistication, making it a highly fashionable shade

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The greens Padma Lakshmi may be most associated with are the edible ones; that is, the food she cooks as a professional chef. However, there's a new green gem in the Padma Lakshmi universe, and it comes in the form of furniture.

The former host of Top Chef and creator of Taste the Nation recently shared a video on her Instagram page of her sitting on an olive green velvet sofa, which is elevated by a large, leafy plant framing it.

A core color in a range of styles, from dopamine decor to Japandi, decorating with green is a popular choice amongst minimalists and maximalists alike, as it strikes a balance between a neutral hue and a vibrant shade.

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'Green, the color of nature, evokes feelings of tranquility, renewal, and growth,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'It’s no wonder that incorporating green into home decor can create a soothing and refreshing ambiance.'

Green's variety is what makes it such a versatile shade. As such, Lichtenstein says that an existing design scheme can dictate which hue one will choose.

'Different shades of green evoke different moods,' she states. 'Soft, muted greens can create a serene and restful atmosphere, perfect for a cozy living room. In contrast, bold, deep greens can add a bit of drama and sophistication. Bright greens can infuse a space with energy and vibrancy, making it feel lively and refreshing.'

We love how Lakshmi chose a more subtle shade of green for her olive sofa, but it still stands out thanks to the velvet texture. It makes a statement in her room, but it doesn't feel overpowering – allowing other decorating quirks to shine. One feature, Lakshmi's indoor plant, particularly stands out among designers.

Lulu and Georgia living rom with green sofa, marble coffee table

A green decorating technique similar to the one seen in Lakshmi's space.

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Lichtenstein says that Lakshmi's decision to put a plant behind the sofa is one she recommends for anyone looking to create a natural oasis in their living space.

'Incorporate plants, wooden furniture, and natural fibers to emphasize the connection to nature,' she says. 'These elements can bring out the best in your green sofa, making the space feel organic and cohesive.' It's a simple but impactful way to ensure our space feels earthy and grounding – especially when our sofa follows suit.

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Below, find some versatile, green living room pieces that toe the line between natural and chic.

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