Paris Hilton's 'new neutral' cabinets offer a mature twist on this year's most lighthearted color trend

The dusty rose hue is an increasingly popular color to utilize in the home, according to experts

Paris Hilton
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Pink has undoubtedly been the color on everyone's lips this past year. The aftermath of the Barbie film led to a craze for the bright and poppy color everywhere, from clothing to accessories, and the trend has naturally carried over to the home.

A longtime proponent of decorating with pink, Paris Hilton is the latest celebrity to capitalize on the vibrant hue, implementing a dusty rose shade into her kitchen cabinets. The result is a space that feels warm and inviting, with a touch of femininity. 

While hot pink definitely fits into the larger Barbiecore trend, experts note that choosing a more subdued shade can fit seamlessly into more elegant and mature design trends. In fact, some go as far as labeling it a 'new neutral', and in this case, we can see why.

'Rose pink breathes fresh contemporary vibes on the walls and is the perfect combo with the other hot interior trend - wall paneling,' says interior style advisor at Furniture and Choice, Rebecca Snowden. 'This stylish pairing also creates the perfect backdrop for color drenching where everything in the room is the same color creating a colorful monochrome space. 

An excellent alternative to more typical kitchen colors, pink is actually quite a luxurious choice, according to Snowden.

'We’re also big fans of how rose pink interiors and wall paneling fit right into the quiet luxury trend,' she says. 'Choosing pink instead of the usual white, gray, or cream shows you can be discreet and refined - what more with a pop of color! It’s all about highlighting the finer details of the room, from the luxurious curves of the sofa to the classic lines of the wall paneling.'

Rebecca Snowden
Rebecca Snowden

Rebecca Snowden is an interior style advisor at Furniture and Choice, a UK-based furniture company.

This will be welcome news to longtime pink lovers, but for the newly initiated, Snowden confirms that the color can, in fact, be considered a cozy neutral and, therefore, styled accordingly.

'Styling plaster pink with other warm, earthy neutral tones will make you feel like you’re wrapped in a luxurious cocoon,' Snowden explains. 'There’s always a sense of softness when we think of relaxation, so go for colors like grey, charcoal, beige or brown. Color-blocking pink with earthy neutrals might just be the trick since it works as a wall color or the color choice for accessorizing. Prioritize comfort when styling and think of what makes you feel refreshed.'

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