'That's hot' – Paris Hilton's home range is on sale for Prime Day, and it is truly unmissable

Paris Hilton's kitchen essentials collection is now on sale for Prime Day. This is all you need for adding barbiecore glamor to your kitchen

Paris Hilton in a white dress with red hearts holding sone pans from her homeware collection
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Since its launch earlier this year, Paris Hilton's Houseware Collection has been the blend of the early 2000s and Barbiecore style that we've all been missing. If you plan on giving your kitchen a pop of pink, this is everything you need – and it's on sale for Prime Day.

Since watching the Barbie movie, I've been looking for all the pink kitchen appliances I can. Paris Hilton's range is the perfect complement to all-pink appliances or a splash of color and fun for any kitchen.

Packed with sparkles, it's an iconic collection. While we haven't tested the quality of these pans, Paris' fun, sparkly style shines through in every piece. From kettles to chopping boards, these pieces are sure to become fast favorites.

Paris Hilton's Homeware Collection

Paris Hilton's Homewares Collection

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Paris isn't the only celebrity to endorse a range of cookware. We've covered Gordon Ramsey's Hexclad pans at Amazon, Selena Gomez's link-up with Our Place, the Always Pan 2.0 at Amazon, or Gwyneth Paltrow's range of pans at Goop (where else?)

From pots and pans to wine coolers, Paris Hilton has everything your kitchen needs  – but bear in mind it's heavy on diamanté. 

  • Cookware: secure, solid, non-stick pots and pans
  • Drinkware: sparkles and shine for coffee makers and wine coolers
  • Cutlery: titanium and bamboo boards for being the hostess with the most-ess
  • Gadgets and bakeware: non-stick, sturdy, and made with fun

Best sellers

Paris Hilton's Homewares Collection in front of her on a marble surface

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As you might expect, with these on sale for Prime Day, stock is running down, so there's no time to lose. We don't know how long the discounts will last.

What is Paris Hilton's Homeware Collection?

aris Hilton Cookie Decorating Set with Nonstick Cookie Baking Sheet

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Launched at the end of last year, Paris Hilton's Homeware Collection covers a wide range of kitchen goods. There's everything from pots and pans to stirrers and ladles. Whilst the exaggerated glamor isn't normally our style, there's nothing wrong with adding a touch of fun to your home. Whether you're still riding the Barbiecore trend (me too) or looking for some pink in your new kitchen, you're in the right place. 

What do I need to know for Prime Day?

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