Rachel Bilson's kitchen cabinets tap into a trend that enhances 'the overall look and feel of most spaces'

Unpainted cabinets fit into a variety of design styles, making them ultra-versatile, designers say

Rachel Bilson
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As Summer Roberts in The O.C., Rachel Bilson was commonly seen surrounded by luxe, coastal-inspired interiors featuring bright whites and elaborate decals. In the actor's current home, however, she takes a more minimal and modern approach to design.

Bilson shared a video of herself cooking on her Instagram page, and her current set-up includes a timeless trend in the culinary space, which we have been seeing time and time again: natural, unpainted cabinets.

Apart from being incredibly versatile, unpainted wooden kitchen cabinets' offerings to the kitchen are plentiful. Deborah Lamberton, General Manager at ASAP Restoration, says that part of the appeal lies in the cabinet's raw material.

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'Natural wood cabinets add a subtle but noticeable warmth and character to any kitchen, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that feels like home,' she says. 'The natural grain and texture of the wood brings a sense of organic beauty that will typically enhance the overall look and feel of most spaces.'

Deborah Lamberton

Deborah Lamberton is the General Manager at ASAP Restoration, which serves the greater Phoenix area.

Wood cabinets also fit into a variety of design styles and trends, from Modern Farmhouse to Japandi. What all these trends have in common is a natural world sensibility, and there's no better material to begin with than wood.

'Many homeowners are drawn to the use of natural materials in home design, and natural wood cabinets align with this desire for organic elements,' Lamberton notes. 'Incorporating wood into the kitchen adds a touch of nature and authenticity, bringing the outdoors inside and creating a connection to the natural world without the mosquitos.'

To make a space around the kitchen cabinets look interesting, try veering away from wood accessories and finishes elsewhere in the space.

'Create visual intrigue by incorporating contrasting materials and textures including natural wood tones and grains,' suggests Lamberton. 'You’ll find easy success when pairing natural wood cabinets with sleek countertops, metallic accents, or textured backsplashes that add depth and dimension to any space.'

Lamberton also encourages color incorporation for added vibrancy.

'It possible to introduce colors and patterns through accessories such as rugs, curtains, or decorative accents that will pair with the wood tones,' she explains. 'Bold hues or intricate patterns can provide a striking contrast against natural wood cabinetry, adding personality and visual appeal to most kitchens.'

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