Reese Witherspoon's front door hue 'indicates prosperity and wealth' while tapping into these Feng Shui benefits

The mint green door is both a mood-boosting home feature and a major selling point – proving dopamine decor starts with our exteriors

Reese Witherspoon
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First impressions are everything, and this rings especially true when it comes to homes. While interiors can often be prioritized from an aesthetic perspective, the exterior can be just as crucial for home sale appeal.

With this sentiment in mind, we're taking cues from none other than Reese Witherspoon, whose recently posted photo of her green front door color has us thinking that color infusions can and should be implemented beyond interiors.

Very much in line with the dopamine decor trend, which favors bold and bright colors, the Legally Blonde star's lime green door gives visitors an indication that the home they are entering will be a mood booster. 

'Front doors are the very first thing a buyer will see; it's the welcoming point,' says Miami-based broker at Corcoran, Zelda Freud. 'A colored front door adds personality and appeal and offers already a "mood" before you enter into the space. Zillow research shows that homes with slate blue or charcoal gray doors sell for more than expected.'

Zelda Freud
Zelda Freud

Zelda is a published author who grew up in Italy, Panama, and Switzerland where she graduated from the University of Geneva with a Master's degree in Human Resources & Psychology. She also was an assistant professor for Doctorate students in Psychology at the University of Geneva. In 2003, she moved to NYC to complete a Master's degree in Media Ecology from New York University's Steinhardt school. She then worked as the Head of Human Resources at RF Binder Partners, a top New York Public Relations agency, running 360 assessments and overseeing 100+ employees before moving to Miami in late 2009.

While blue and gray are on the rise, green's symbolism and underlying relation to nature make for an eternally palatable color choice.

'There are many color ideas that bring different meanings,' Freud states. 'Green front doors indicate prosperity and wealth, but it also suggests you are serene and peaceful. In Feng Shui, green is connected to the wood element, which indicates growth and vitality but also kindness and flexibility.'

This means that green is also highly complementary to common home exterior materials, such as wood and stone.

Green front door

A green front door similar to Witherspoon's. 

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The beauty of green is that there is a wide range of hues that can be utilized; while Witherspoon opted for a minty shade, deeper and muted shades like forest or olive can work just as effectively.

'Color-rich homes (and that doesn’t mean going for highlighter bright colors, in fact, the total opposite) can be the ultimate positivity punchers,' says Grazzie Wilson, Head of Creative at Ca' Pietra and Proper Good Paint. Witherspoon has brought this hue to life via her front door, but of course, it's just as impactful indoors, too. Beyond improving our curb appeal, we think this minty tone looks perfect on kitchen cabinets or in a powder room, where a small bit of color can make the biggest impact. 

'According to color psychology, green is linked to well-being, so it brings relaxed energy to the home, it demands very little so fits into homes easily,' Wilson adds.

Below, find a paint match for Witherspoon's, and begin the dopamine design journey at the front door.

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