Reese Witherspoon's coffee maker is beautiful enough to deserve valuable space on your countertops

The actress's sleek coffee maker is gorgeous, and coffee experts say it makes a 'reliably delicious' brew

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Everyone loves coffee, but traditional coffee makers can be an eyesore. Luckily, lifestyle queen Reese Witherspoon has a solution. 

The Legally Blonde actress shared a cheery TikTok in her kitchen, and we couldn't help but notice the Nespresso Evoluo Graphite Metal Vertuo coffee maker on her countertop. Reese's choice is sleek and stylish. The shimmery graphite exterior gives it a futuristic feel, while the rectangular water container on the side combined with the rounded front gives the maker a sculptural aestheic. 


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According to H&G's resident coffee expert Laura Honey, the Evoluo Coffee Maker is well worth the counter space. Laura states: 'Nespresso dominates the single-serve coffee maker market. Their slick and stylish makers are easy to leave on display because they're just so beautiful.' If style matters to you, Reese's coffee maker is a great option.

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Laura Honey

Laura is our e-Commerce editor who was trained as a barista eight years ago. She has been making, drinking, and enjoying coffee ever since. She’s spent time with Q-graders, coffee roasters, and other experts in the coffee community. Now, she tests and writes about all things coffee for us here at Homes & Gardens  

Reese's Nespresso pod coffee maker isn't all style with no substance. Laura says that Nespresso makers are 'effortless to use, quick to work, and (most importantly) they make delicious coffees. What's not to love?'

She continues on the delicious, barista-worthy coffee, 'Nespresso makers make use of smart technology, and they spin the coffee while it's inside the maker. This gives each drink a lovely, thick, hazelnutty crema: the aesthetic indicator of a well-extracted coffee. If I need a reliably delicious, single-serve coffee, you can almost guarantee that I'll be turning to Nespresso.'

Furthermore, Laura says that Reese's coffee maker provides options for several different types of coffee. She states: 'Whilst I haven't tested the exact model Reese uses, it's part of Nespresso's Vertuo line. That means it's only compatible with their specific Vertuo pods. That might sound a little limiting, but they're always releasing delicious flavors. Aside from the obvious basics, they've made watermelon cold brew, gingerbread blends, and mint-flavored coffee too. If you can dream up a flavor, Nespresso has probably made it.'

If coffee and interior design are your bread and butter, and lets be honest, for most H&G readers, they are, Reese's coffee maker sits at the intersection of both. 

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