Romeo Beckham's luxurious $6,000 espresso machine is a favorite among coffee experts – here's why

The soccer player reveals his impressive coffee maker which retails for almost $6,000

Romeo Beckham
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What are the perks of having a prestigious athletic career and pop culture royalty parentage? Really nice coffee, for one. Romeo Beckham, the 21-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham, took to TikTok to show off his morning coffee-making ritual and it's quite impressive.

The Brentford Football Club player makes his morning brew with a legendary coffee maker: the La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine. In addition to his expertise on the soccer field, Romeo Beckham clearly knows a thing or two about coffee. 


Lovely sunday for a coffee 😍

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La Marzocco, founded in Florence in 1927, is synonymous with luxurious coffee. The Linea Mini Machine is a semi-automatic espresso maker with innovative features like a brew paddle and barista lights. 

This kitchen-sized version of the made-for-cafes Linea Classic is perfect for a kitchen coffee station. The handmade machine is built to last for years to come. As with everything, prestige comes with a price, and the Linea Mini retails for almost $6,000.

We know that Romeo Beckham approves, but what do the experts think? We asked Laura Honey, the resident coffee expert at H&G, and here's what she had to say.

Laura states, 'La Marzocco has an outstanding reputation amongst coffee geeks, so it's no surprise that Romeo has one!' 

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Laura Honey

Laura is our e-Commerce editor who was trained as a barista eight years ago. She has been making, drinking, and enjoying coffee ever since. She’s spent time with Q-graders, coffee roasters, and other experts in the coffee community. Now, she tests and writes about all things coffee for us here at Homes & Gardens  

She continues, 'The Linea Mini has a reputation as a petite powerhouse. The retro style is a coffeehouse classic, you'll see lots of brands making them, but none rival the quality and build of La Marzocco. It makes a delicious drink, extracting the perfect shot of coffee every single time.' In terms of style and function, she says, there is no machine better.

Even more promising, Laura says that semi-automatic coffee machines like the Linea Mini are her preferred method for home brewing. 'Espresso machines always become the hub of any kitchen, because they're hands-on enough to make you feel like a professional barista, but with plenty of safety nets built in for beginners. They're the best way to make bold, full-bodied coffee at home,' says Laura.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or considering the best coffee makers for beginners, Romeo Beckham's coffee process provides some much-needed inspiration for upgrading your brewing routine.

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