RuPaul's maximalist entryway is a masterclass in dramatic layering of design styles, experts say

The Drag Race host's home, designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, offers a lesson in combining colors, materials, and time periods

rupaul at dragcon in the UK
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The undisputed 'Queen of Drag,' Rupaul's reputation for creating stunning aesthetics precedes him. A peek into the Drag Race host's home shows that, in addition to his drag, RuPaul's interior design lives up to our lofty expectations.

Ru's interior designer, celebrity Martyn Lawrence Bullard (who has created homes for a-listers including Cher, Eva Mendes, and Kylie Jenner), took to Instagram to share photos of the famous drag queen's foyer. Martyn's entryway idea is one for the ages.

RuPaul's entryway is glamorously over the top. The walls are color-drenched in salmon pink, which sharply contrasts the intricate bright white molding and black marble panels. A large crystal chandelier hangs from a red divet in the ceiling. Fun is guaranteed by the red and green furniture as well as the disco balls in the dining room visible through a curved doorway.

Interior design experts applaud the choices made by Martyn Lawrence Bullard while designing this entryway. The first thing they notice is the unity of the contrasting color scheme. Reya Duenas, an interior designer, begins, 'The space as a whole is cohesive and intentional.'

reya duenas of reya duenas design
Reya Duenas

Reya Duenas is the principal designer at Reya Duenas Design in Los Angeles and Orange Counter California. She has worked in design for over 10 years and is a 2022 ASID Gold Award Winner. Reya received her MA in Interior Design from the New England School of Art & Design.

Reya continues, 'The use of contrast with black and white for the architectural elements such as the walls, floors, staircase, and trim pops against the pink painted walls. Black and white create dramatic contrast but are a neutral background to the pink and sparkle in the disco balls beyond. 

The green patterned bench pops against the B&W window trim, just like the purposefully placed red ottoman beside the metal-topped console. It's the hierarchy of color and pattern in the right areas that completes this maximalist entryway.'

The experts also note that the combination of traditional and modern design creates drama in RuPaul's entryway. 'The combination of modern and Victorian styles in RuPaul's entryway results in maximum drama by contrasting the clean lines and simplicity of modern design with the ornate and detailed elements of Victorian design,' says Isabella Adler, Austin-Texas-based interior designer.

isabella adler interior designer at next luxury
Isabella Adler

Isabella Adler is an Austin, Texas-based interior designer. Her style is one of sophisticated modernity and timeless elegance. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their dream homes through a combination of current trends and evergreen design. 

RuPaul's lighting is especially effective in creating contrast. Isabella Adler states: 'The light fixtures in RuPaul's entryway create the ideal mix of styles. The chandelier is characterized by a modern shape and made of crystal, a classic Victorian material. Also, the sconces on the wall have a modern shape and are finished in metallic gold, a classic Victorian finish.'

Interior designer Reya Duenas adds, 'The chandelier in the living room works because the mirror in the background not only bounces light back into the room, but it accentuates the sparkly disco balls in the other room opposite this one, creating double the drama.'

Next time we're feeling low on entryway color ideas, Martyn Bullard's designs will be the first place we look. Shop the edit below to recreate Ru's whimsical foyer in your own home. 

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