RuPaul's uniquely shaped bowls break tableware conventions – they're as practical as they are eye-catching

Never one to conform to traditions, RuPaul's square bowls are a subtle but efficient way to imbue some quirkiness into the kitchen

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RuPaul has never been one to conform – so it makes sense that his flair for style extends beyond fabulous clothes and into a fabulous home. We've covered the drag queen's spectacular property before (we are personally big fans of the chic home bar), but a more subtle yet equally alluring aspect of Ru's home caught our eyes recently.

In a clip posted to Instagram, we can see RuPaul sitting at his dining table accompanied by a square cereal bowl. The angular lines and sharp shape give the everyday object a distinctly modern feel – and it's a purchase we can get behind.

Dinnerware in interesting shapes can come in the form of square bowls like Ru's, rectangular plates, or even warbly cutlery – there are truly endless possibilities.

'Uniquely shaped dishes bring a fresh and contemporary feel to any dining experience,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'The clean lines and geometric forms of square bowls and rectangular plates create a striking contrast against the soft, organic shapes of food. This juxtaposition can make each dish served to appear more artful and intentional, turning meals into visually captivating events. These pieces often act as conversation starters, drawing attention and admiration from guests who appreciate innovative design.'

Lichtenstein says that one of the key features of uniquely-shaped dishware is its ability to contrast against whichever existing aesthetic a dining room or kitchen possesses.

'Beyond their individual charm, these dishes can transform the entire ambiance of a dining space,' Lichtenstein explains. 'Whether set on a rustic wooden table or a sleek, modern surface, they add an element of sophistication and creativity. They can complement various interior styles, from minimalist and industrial to eclectic and chic, making them versatile additions to any home.'

Another highlight? Despite their different compositions, uniquely shaped dishes are typically just as pragmatic as their traditionally designed counterparts, making them an instant 'yes' in our minds.

'While uniquely shaped dishes are undeniably eye-catching, their functionality is equally impressive,' says Lichtenstein. 'Square and rectangular shapes offer practical advantages, particularly when it comes to space efficiency. These dishes can be more easily arranged and stored, whether stacked neatly in cabinets or displayed on open shelving. Their flat edges align perfectly, maximizing storage space and reducing the risk of breakage.'

Shop a selection of unique dishware below.

Square-shaped dishware is a celebrity-approved way to break away from the norm. However, for another fun twist on the traditional, we love the idea of opting for glass dishes (such as these from Etsy) that feel delicate yet retro and look effortlessly stunning.

Glass dishes will impress around the calendar, but we think they're especially perfect for summer when the sunlight can create colorful patterns when dining al-fresco.

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