Selena Gomez puts a new spin on the traditional country kitchen, and experts love her daring take

Modern meets country-traditional in this intriguing kitchen design we spotted on actress and singer Selena Gomez’s Instagram account, blending classical farmhouse interiors with sleek and refined elements

Headshot of Selena Gomez
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Founder and owner of Rare Beauty Selena Gomez, who claims the title of the world’s most-followed female on Instagram with over 426 million followers, regularly takes to the image-sharing platform to share insights into her daily life.

In the candid photo shared below, we couldn’t help but notice the unique design of the kitchen Gomez is pictured in. The kitchen in question pictures a large range oven and standout original brick wall, with the addition of more modern elements in the background such as all-white sleek cabinetry and understated gloss subway tiles. 

Traditional, farmhouse kitchens are a classical choice that is continually popular amongst design experts, thanks to their timeless nature. Unlike other styles which are more trend-driven and fluctuate in prominence, farmhouse kitchens remain steadfast in the interior world.

Jennifer Ebert, deputy editor at Homes & Gardens explains: 'Classical farmhouse decor ideas celebrate pared-back, rustic design features which make them a popular choice not only in original heritage buildings, but their design often informs and inspires more modern homes to add a sense of character and country charm.' 

Although opting for a core country-style kitchen has proven to last the test of time, limiting everything in a kitchen to this style can run the risk of feeling slightly dated. To capture the overall farmhouse aesthetic and reap the benefits of its highly functional qualities for food preparation – think robust butcher blocks and hard-wearing Belfast sinks – making sure to also incorporate more modern and sleek elements into the kitchen is a wise idea. 

As pictured in Gomez’s post, the kitchen effortlessly demonstrates how to add a modern twist whilst ensuring the room doesn’t compromise its rustic charm. The consideration of color is crucial when blending two differing design styles, and as pictured the classical pieces find common ground with the more modern design choices thanks to the underlying neutral kitchen colors carried across the whole room. 

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