Shea McGee embraces beachy style – but is the 'coastal grandma' aesthetic still on trend?

Interior designers weigh in on the latest coastal interiors from Shea McGee

shea mcgee coastal interiors
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Dream Home Makeover's Shea McGee is a huge fan of a coastal look. In a recent Instagram post, she shared her latest muted, beachy look. 

The beautiful home is full of stylish coastal details: white linen decorative pillows, natural wood, and brownish stone. A look into the home has us wondering: is the coastal grandmother aesthetic still an interior design trend?

Interior design experts love the coastal grandmother style, which they say is still going strong. 

Though 'coastal grandmother' has been trending for over a year, experts say the trend is still going strong. Jane Atherton, interior designer and owner of Cottage Fever Interior Design states: 'Absolutely it's still on trend! Bringing elements of nature into your home will always be on trend as it is good for our mental well-being.' Allison Babcock, Sag Harbor-NY-based interior designer, continues, 'This aesthetic is definitely still relevant!'

jane atherton of cottage fever interior design
Jane Atherton

Jane Atherton is an Interior Designer specializing in Beach Homes with a coastal aesthetic. She also sits on the Board of Directors of a Mental Health Charity. Creating designs that are not only beautiful, Jane ensures that her client's homes bring them joy every day.

The experts say that the textures, and colors of coastal decor will always be in. 'Natural textures such as rattan, seagrass, and rope create an indirect tactile connection with nature, helping to reduce stress,' says designer Jane Atherton. 

On the topic of colors, interior designers love the shades introduced by this style. Jane says, 'Warm whites, reflecting light, pair beautifully with watery blues and greens, promoting a sense of peace and calmness. After all blue denotes comfort - just think of your jeans.'

Allison Babcock adds, 'You find the softer palette associated with coastal homes because of the use of sisal rugs and colors such as blue, white, cream, and gray. These colors work really well together and seamlessly with the natural tones of the surrounding area outside the home - sand, ocean, pale green grasses, and sky.'

allison babcock designs
Allison Babcock

Allison Babcock is a nationally recognized interior designer based in Sag Harbor, New York. Her aesthetic is crisp, clean and comfortable with a subtle warmth. She attended the University of Richmond, after which she worked at the prestigious firm Cullman & Kravis Associates.

Beyond just believing that this style is still on trend, the interior designers believe that this style is timeless. 'You could really call it ‘classic coastal’ or Timeless/Tailored Transitional. There are ways to add in heirloom items without having them overtake the aesthetic of a crisp beach vibe leaving it relevant in all eras. Coastal interiors will always be timeless because at their root, you are just bringing nature and the surroundings indoors which is everlasting,' says Allison Babcock.

Jane Atherton continues, 'Naturalistic shapes such as driftwood and shells create a visual relationship with nature. Add in the patterns that are found on the coast to reflect the natural world. If it's found in nature, it will work in your home and will always be on trend.'

Shop the fall coastal edit from Studio McGee below, you'll want to feature every one of these items in your coastal living room.

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