Shea McGee shares design expertise on how to style a console table in the living room

Interior designer Shea McGee shares expertise on styling a console table – we've rounded up her top tips

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Shea McGee, interior designer and co-founder of home decor brand Studio McGee, has shared her expert design knowledge on how to style a console table in the living room.

Taking to Instagram, the designer, renowned for her love for decorating with neutrals and sophisticated design, posted a video that talks all about how to elevate the living room with the addition of a console table. 

Whilst a console table is a fairly small furniture piece in the home, as shown in Shea's video, it can certainly transform a space and promote a cozy and collected feel.  

'If you have a sofa in your living room with an exposed back, a console table is a great option to finish off the look. It finishes off the back of your sofa but also creates some division between the open spaces.' Shea explains. 

We've rounded up Shea's key styling tips from the video, below, to help inspire you to capture the elegant look in your own home. 

1. Consider height

Neutral living room with console table behind sofa

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According to Shea, the first thing to consider when choosing a console table for the living room is height, particularly when choosing to position it behind the sofa. 

Shea elaborates: 'When I'm selecting a table, I want to think in terms of at or slightly below the height of the back of the sofa. If your sofa is up against a wall, and you have the space to pull it forward and add a table behind it, I think it’s a great way to give a more collected look because you can add some layers and height and interest behind it.'

2. Group items in twos or threes

Tapered candles on console table

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When it comes to styling the top of the console table, Shea's advice is to think in terms of 'two or three groupings'. Referencing the console table pictured in the video, Shea explains that she has opted for a group of three, including tapered candles, glass sculptural objects, and a book stand. 'We have three different levels which is really important in any styling moment you create,' she says.

Whilst the candles shown in the video have height to them, Shea notes that it's important to opt for delicate items to ensure they don't block the space above the console table. 

3. Style the area beneath the console table

Baskets underneath console table in living room

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Shea's final tip for styling a console table is to add an item underneath the console table, such as storage baskets. Not only does this finish off the look, but it also serves as a practical decor choice for small living room storage ideas

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