Suki Waterhouse's bathroom blends three 'timeless' features that will impress for centuries

Why master one design feature when you can master three? Here's what makes Suki and Robert Pattinson's bathroom eternally inspiring

Suki Waterhouse
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The only thing better than a bathroom that nails a timeless design feature is one that masters three. Enter – the luxurious marble space in Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's abode, which exemplifies three categories in the bathroom design world: materials, colors, and finishes

Suki recently took to Instagram to demonstrate her admiration for a sweet-scented laundry product (that she uses to clean her Dior dress, naturally), but we admit, we were somewhat distracted by her marble-draped backdrop. The actress's spa bathroom plays with this luxurious material in excess – a look that hasn't gone unnoticed by experts – but, as mentioned, it's not the only feature worth talking about. 

Alongside the couple's choice of materials, experts say that their earthy color palette and muted gold finishes are just as likely to stand the test of time. So, while these features are no quick investment, they're almost sure to impress through the centuries. 

According to Rikki Fothergill, the style expert at the luxury bathroom specialist, the Big Bathroom Shop, earthy hues, marble, and gold hardware are among the features that will age the most beautifully – just as they have already done for so many years already. 

To future-proof our bathroom, Rikki recommends choosing 'premium materials such as marble,' along with natural stones that 'exude a sense of luxury' through their textures, durability, and chic appearance.' They will create a great base for your bathroom design,' she says. 

However, it is not only the marble but also the color of this material that's expected to age well. Rikki says we should opt for a neutral color scheme, led by earthy tones – that tap into the eternally popular quiet luxury aesthetic. 

'These colors create a serene and grounded ambiance, contributing to the quiet luxury aesthetic. Whether this is achieved through paint or tiling, experiment with color-blocking these muted tones to create more dimension in a bigger space,' Rikki notes.

Interior Design Expert
Rikki Fothergill
Interior Design Expert
Rikki Fothergill

Rikki Fothergill is a design expert from the Big Bathroom Shop, a luxury company specializing in timeless bathroom products that trade exclusively online. Rikki and her team work directly with product manufacturers to ensure that only the very latest and best products are made available online. 

Marble bathroom with double curved mirror

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It seems only fitting, therefore, that Robert and Suki conclude their space with classic gold fixtures and finishes – the third feature that, Rikki says, is a safe investment for the years ahead. 

'Going for a timeless look should still be personal to your taste. If your home fits into a more traditional, cottage-inspired look, French-style fixtures will carry you through years of stylish use. Alternatively, if you're someone with a more contemporary style, sleek gold or bronze fixtures will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home decor,' she says. 

Of course, we couldn't also help but look into the laundry product Suki uses to ensure her dress is clean and perfectly scented. The wash comes from The Laundress, and if it's good enough for Suki's designer dress, than how can we disagree?

'I was given this dress from Christian Dior, and they never asked for it back, so I guess it’s mine now. Instead of sending it out to the laundrette, I decided to hand wash it because it makes me feel like a prairie girl in the ‘50s. Also, it’s the best way to be super gentle with the fabric, especially when I’m using The Laundress’ Delicate Wash,' Suki says. We can pick up a bottle below.

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