The Property Brothers' rule of symmetry tip is the key to beautifully balanced walls

'The first rule of a gallery wall: There are no rules... but we do have some guidelines': here, the design duo share their transformative wall advice

The Property Brothers
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Creating a gallery wall is among the most transformative things we can do to elevate any space – so it's important to get them right. This is why we're turning to two of the most trusted designers of our time, Jonathan and Drew Scott, better known as The Property Brothers. 

Jonathan and Drew may have shaped everything we know about home renovations on their W Network show, but they sometimes share tips on their Instagram, as was the case with their gallery wall advice. 

'The first rule of a gallery wall: There are no rules ... but we do have some guidelines,' the brothers emphasize in their blog. And the most impactful of these tips is symmetry.

Among the gallery walls discussed was one designed by Drew that is notably eclectic, comprising frames of varying shapes and sizes (there's a photo of this wall on the blog).

'Even with this variety of sizes and frames, though, I did stick to a few rules of thumb: namely, symmetry,' Drew says.' You’ll notice the gallery wall is balanced in form and color without straying too far beyond the edges of the furniture space.'

Creating an eclectic gallery wall with many different style frames is a great way to decorate with antiques and bring yet more of our personalities into our room. Once we've mastered the symmetry, it's almost impossible to go wrong. 

'I enjoyed making this gallery wall because I was able to repurpose some old frames without them looking out of place – in fact, I’d say they add to the look with a good balance of old and new. With all this talk about balance, you can tell I’ve had Feng Shui on my mind lately.'

Gallery wall in a blue bedroom

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Property Brothers
Jonathan and Drew Scott

Drew and Jonathan Scott is a design duo who share specialist knowledge in the real estate industry (Drew) and contracting (Jonathan). The siblings front W Network's The Property Brothers and own a production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment. They are also authors of Dream Home (see below) and a children’s book series, Builder Brothers.

Symmetry aside, Jonathan adds that we should take extra precautions if using heavier frames and should opt to use hanging strips (such as these from Amazon) that will give us additional peace of mind. 

'You might want to check the width of the frame against the width of the strip to make sure they line up if you can, go at least one level higher on the supported frame weight listed on the packaging, just to be safe.'

'The great thing about gallery walls is how much personalization you can get out of them for not a lot of money,' he adds. 'It’s a great day project that can help commemorate your favorite people and moments.'

For more advice from Drew and Jonathan, we're looking to their 'ultimate' guide to decorating, available via Amazon below.

Dream Home: The Property Brothers' Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House |  $19.68 on Amazon

Dream Home: The Property Brothers' Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House |  $19.68 on Amazon

This book is a comprehensive guide to renovating by the design duo themselves. It covers the ins and outs of buying, selling, and renovating a house, with hundreds of full-color photos throughout. 

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