Timothée Chalamet's turned his storage into the 'perfect piece of statement furniture' – organizers say

Some shelves are so good-looking, it's hard to believe they're practical – and this is the case in the actor's cozy abode

Timothée Chalamet
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When it comes to making a statement, our shelves and storage systems may not feel like the natural place to start. However, if Timothée Chalamet's home is anything to go by, they should be. 

The Dune actor offered a rare glimpse inside his urban home, pictured in front of his built-in bookshelf, exhibiting his collection of art and design hardbacks. And while this shelving has its practical benefits, it is colorful and curated enough to stand as an unrivaled statement piece in his white living room

The bookshelf, illuminated by small lights, draws attention to the contents and showcases Timothée's personality through what he likes to read, most of which appear to be coffee-table-sized books filled with art and design insight. It's a look that hasn't gone unnoticed by Suzanne Roynon, H&G's Interiors Therapist, who says that this storage system is both functional and stylish.

'In a light, bright, airy, and traditional home, Timothee Chalamet’s beautifully lit bookcase is the perfect piece of statement furniture,' Suzanne comments.

'These tall, deep shelves appear to have been specifically designed for elegant coffee-table-sized books to appeal to the eye and tantalize the mind. The actor evidently has a strong interest in art, and there’s no better way to focus a passion or develop his unique style than to be able to see full-color photos to inspire and enthrall.'

Suzanne emphasizes that the lighting draws attention to the book that Timothee loves, and showcases how he likes to 'spend quality time flicking through a book.'

Suzanne Roynon
Suzanne Roynon

Suzanne is a specialist Interiors Therapy Expert and author of Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationshipavailable on Amazon. She has spent more than 25 years in corporate and charity roles, using her ability as a therapist and public speaker to help people understand their relationship with their homes and possessions.

Naturally, the books on Timothée's shelf are the main talking point, but beyond the open shelving, Suzanne says we should take note of his concealed living room storage, too. 

'The lower cupboards are a useful addition to the built-in furniture, keeping the space neat and tidy and ensuring anything which doesn't need to be on permanent display is accessible while remaining private,' she adds. 

'No home needs to have everything on show, so as long as this hidden storage is clutter-free (you'd be astonished how many 'minimalist' homes have cupboards to rival Monica's 'cupboard of mess'), it's a worthy addition to Timothee's room.' 

To follow in Timothée's lead, beyond his storage, we're picking up these books (that we may have spotted on his shelving) via Amazon below.

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