Usher's sofa is an unexpected color – and according to experts, it's a mood-booster

Punchy yet refined, this sofa knows how to make a statement – but there's more to this hue than its vibrant aesthetic

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With some newly released music and a Super Bowl Halftime show on the horizon, Usher is certainly one of the busiest artists at the moment. To relax and unwind, he takes to his living room – while the jury's out for what he's streaming currently, we know he is a fan of a punchy-yet-refined orange, as evidenced by his burnt-rust sofa.

Orange, though not as popular a color for a couch as black or neutral, is increasingly being used in homes to add vibrancy and personality to spaces.

Simultaneously modern and retro, decorating with orange is an instant mood booster, and experts say that furniture is just a starting point for incorporating the sunshine shade into home decor.

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'Yellow and orange are associated with happiness; the bright sunshine tones provide a cheerful energy and optimism,' says Clara Ewart, Kitesgrove’s Head of Design. 'Desaturated shades work well on bedroom walls or create an impact in a living room on upholstered furniture, accessories, and artwork.'

Portrait of Clara Ewart Head of design at Kitesgrove
Clara Ewart

Clare is the head of London-based interior design studio, Kitesgrove. The practice work on a variety of projects, from private client homes and family offices to residential and commercial spaces. 

Not ready to commit to a statement piece like Usher's lounger? Clare says that paint and fabric are your friends.

'Colour can be introduced in so many different ways,' Clara notes. 'Paint is an easy and affordable way to update anything from a chair to all the walls, and instead of having to reupholster an entire living room sofa or order a new pair of curtains, try updating a chair cushion with a bright fabric instead.'

Walls, in particular, can be decorated so that bright colors are not the sole focus of the room. 

'Don’t be afraid to choose bright, bold hues in rooms that are regularly used for entertaining; the joyous burst of color will add to the ambiance and enjoyment of the space,' Clara says. 'Walls of bright color can also be broken up with artworks and mirrors to soften the impact of the hue.'

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Most important is finding your orange; that is, the color that speaks to you and makes you feel excited to be in the room. 

'Trusting your instinct is really important when working with colour. You should surround yourself with colours you are drawn to and make you happy – just as you do with your wardrobe.'

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