Vanessa Hudgens turned her patio into a 'captivating oasis' with this furnishing – it's unlike any statement piece we've seen before

The sequined outdoor seat serves as a delightful contrast to the actress's blue-painted home exterior, and designers love the look

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens knows how to make a statement. Her classy baby bump reveal at this year's Academy Awards turned heads, and it turns out her home decor style is just as bold.

The High School Musical and Spring Breakers star posted a photo outside her home, and it's impossible to miss her outdoor furniture. A far cry from a typical patio chair, the actor's seat is completely covered in silver sequins, making for an unexpectedly glamorous outdoor piece.

Bold furniture is often reserved for inside the home – we are big fans of colorful couches and seats upholstered in materials like velvet or leather – but outdoor furniture is often purchased for function rather than fashion. Experts say, however, that outdoor furniture buying rules can be flexible.

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'When it comes to outdoor spaces, bold and unexpected furniture choices can transform a garden, porch, deck, or patio into a captivating oasis,' designer Nina Lichtenstein states. 'Imagine stepping into a scene where your outdoor furniture steals the show, making a statement that's as unforgettable as it is functional.'

Rather than include a full seating set of bold pieces, Lichtenstein recommends starting off with one magnificent chair or table and working from there.

'Choose one standout furniture item as the centerpiece of your outdoor area. This could be a unique chair like Vanessa's or perhaps a bold, oversized dining table,' she says. 'Make your furniture pop by contrasting it against the natural elements. Place striking, colorful pieces against lush greenery or against a backdrop of neutral tones.'

Hudgens has done just that, by placing the glittery chair in front of an unassuming, blue-painted exterior.

For those who want to spice up their outdoor living rooms but don't want to commit to statement furniture, there are lower-stakes alternatives that still have maximum impact.

'Enhance the impact of your bold furniture with thoughtfully chosen accessories,' Lichtenstein suggests. 'Add vibrant cushions, throws, or decorative elements that complement the overall aesthetic.'

Finally, don't forgo practicality altogether; aim to strike a balance between style and sensibility.

'While making a statement is important, ensure that your furniture remains comfortable and practical,' Lichtenstein states. 'Opt for weather-resistant materials and invest in quality pieces that will withstand the elements.'

Below, we have rounded up some unique outdoor furniture pieces that are bound to make a statement.

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