Designer Profile: Adriana Hoyos

Trailblazer Adriana Hoyos transforms new developments from Dubai to Miami Tides, inaugurating unique and timeless spaces with a sophisticated style

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Adriana Hoyos' design portfolio stands out for its luxurious aesthetic. Every detail of her designs reflects a masterful balance between comfort, innovation, elegance, and contemporary fashion. 

Her creative use of new materials enables her to produce signature pieces that are instantly recognizable and widely praised. As a trendsetting interior designer, Adriana Hoyos continually works to develop new ways to achieve a sophisticated design.

Adriana Hoyos' illustrious career spans decades, with her design studio expanding into an international multidisciplinary firm with offices in Miami and throughout Latin America. From lavish and refined mansions and residential projects to cutting-edge commercial and hospitality developments, her signature look reflects her distinctive vision of global modernism and eclectic luxury. Through her collections, Adriana brings an imaginative, bold, and poetic spirit to each and every project.

Here, we speak to Adriana, take a look at her career so far, and hear about exciting projects in the future. 

What inspired you to be an interior designer?

Adriana Hoyos

(Image credit: Adriana Hoyos)

'From the time I was six years old, I felt naturally drawn to architecture and design. With my parents constructing a new home for our family, I took to exploring and inquisitively searching every nook and cranny of the house, all the while becoming increasingly captivated by the beauty of the structure and its alluring spaces. Little did I know then that this fascination would evolve into a life-long love affair and eventually the career of my dreams.

'Following the successful completion of my studies in interior design, I decided to take my love of the field one step further, thus began my career in the world of design. Twenty-five years on and the joy I get from seeing the final touches to a completed design is still incomparable.'

What training did you do and who were your design heroes?

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'Throughout my life, I have deeply admired Frank Lloyd Wright. An architect of genius and insight, he was responsible for many ground-breaking works in modern architecture. His work was made all the more powerful by his integration of architecture, interiors, and furniture design – something which deeply impacted my career choices.

'Since earning my bachelor's degree in Interior Design in Washington DC, the profession has advanced immensely, enabling me to pursue more professional development. However, this was not the case when I began, thus requiring me to learn by undertaking independent practice.'

What was your first big break / who did you work for?

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'Over the course of my career, I have had two defining moments that stand out in my mind. The first was the launch of my furniture collection, ‘Coco,’ which brought something unique to the table in terms of the form, materials, and construction. 

'As an interior designer, I take pride in the power of distinctive materials to transform a space's overall look and feel.'

How do you approach projects?

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(Image credit: Adriana Hoyos)

'It is essential for me to take a comprehensive approach when beginning a new project, gathering all the details and analyzing their interdependence to establish the key drivers of design. 

'By having a clear idea of the desired outcomes, needs, and location, I am able to effectively construct a blueprint that will lead the project until its completion. In this manner, I can set forth a style and a set of functional requirements that will lead to success.'

How collaborative are you with clients?

'We have a great commitment to our clients. We make it a priority to incorporate their ideas and objectives into our designs. We work closely with them throughout the process in order to create a space that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle and desires. This close collaboration and exchange of ideas allow us to develop a truly personalized and tailored experience to positively impact their lifestyle.'

What is your proudest career moment?

'More than a particular moment, my proudest project is one we recently completed on the coast of Ecuador. We have been the developers of Costa Jama. We started with a piece of land and created a vision that has been implemented from the master planning to the architecture, the interior design and also the furniture design.

'The concept we created has had a huge impact on the lives of our clients, where we have created a beautiful resort but also a community that I am sure will be generational.'

What’s on the horizon for you and your firm?

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(Image credit: Adriana Hoyos)

'As for what is next, I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with developers behind Shoma Group, Masoud and Stephanie Shojaee, to design the newest mixed-use development project Shoma Bay, a new luxury 24-story 333-unit condominium located in the waterfront community of North Bay Village in Miami. 

'The project combines the perfect mix of retail, entertainment, and residential properties, providing something for everyone in the community. With such an amazing location and layout, Shoma Bay has tremendous potential to become the flagship of the local cityscape. 

'I am excited to be designing the interior of the common spaces, along with the exclusive amenities like the Owner's Lounge. Connecting the zen garden with this lounge space allows the outdoors to become a part of the interior, making the whole area welcoming and tranquil. With careful thought, color palette selection, and skillful design execution, I'm confident I created a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that both inspires and captivates.

'The use of natural materials and inviting and comfortable seating bring life and texture to the area, helping create a cozy yet sophisticated space with a warm, calming aura. I'm also taking advantage of natural lighting to further create an atmosphere that allows you to unwind, relax and appreciate the beauty of nature in this urban area. The details will be something special, making this lounge and zen garden an inviting space to relax and connect with yourself or friends.'

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