Designer profile: Ashley DeLapp

Ashley is an architect-turned-interior designer, specializing in distinct mixes of vintage, layered patterns and bold color. We talk to her about her work

Ashley de Lapp
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Ashley DeLapp is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 'I am an architect turned interior designer,' she says, 'and I am well known for my more-is-more approach – mixing vintage and new, layered patterns and bold color. I create fun, sophisticated interiors!'

In addition to working in interior design, serving as the founder of Ashley DeLapp Interior Design, Ashley is a real estate investor. 'I specialize in high-end flips in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. I hate to call it flipping because it's really renovating. In this role, I purchase a home, renovate it and sell it.'

Intrigued, we asked Ashley more questions about her career past, present and future.

Describe your aesthetic?

Bar room with teal cabinets and purple seating

(Image credit: Ashley DeLapp/Christina Hussey Photography)

'My design style is colorful and classic with a bit of modern and vintage mixed in.'

How did it all start?

double bed against maroon wall in bedroom

(Image credit: Ashley DeLapp)

'During my third year of architecture school, I accepted my first job with an architecture firm, working on private medical offices, where I discovered my knack for interiors. I actually never thought about interior design as a career. 

'After I graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture, I worked as a commercial architect for 10 years. During that time, I headed up the interior architecture division of the company. 

'In 2005, I started a residential interiors side business that focused on kids' rooms and nurseries. After I had my children, I rebranded my business and expanded my services to take on all residential design projects. 

'In 2009, when the U.S. economy tanked, I was laid off. Luckily I had my side business to fall back on. Since then, I've happily worked in residential interiors and design.'

What is a typical project for you?

Pink and gold shower interior next to lime green floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Ashley DeLapp)

'The majority of my projects are renovations and a lot are kitchens and bathrooms each year. I absolutely love it! I also take on whole home interior design clients. A few recent, notable projects include two bathrooms. 

'In one (above), I used a metallic gold splattered pink glass tile for the shower walls. It's absolutely stunning! The other is covered in metallic bohemian wallpaper and paired with a pistachio green concrete sink.'

What is your specialism?

colourful living room with green chaise lounge in foreground

(Image credit: Ashley DeLapp)

'I absolutely love specializing in renovations. This allows me to use my experience and skill set – my experience as an architect paired with my vision as a designer. I'm truly a one-stop shop that can handle any project from demolition to installation. 

'It takes the burden off of my clients when they know I'm coordinating every aspect of the project and keeping the job running smoothly.'

Who are you inspired by?

wooden circular dining table with rattan chairs

(Image credit: Ashley DeLapp)

'My paternal grandmother and my dad are inspirations. My grandmother was an artist and would rearrange her home constantly. From putting up to taking down walls and reconfiguring space, she definitely had a vision. 

'My dad is a general contractor and master carpenter. He is my sounding board and taught me so much throughout the years. 

I also have always admired Sarah Richardson. I’ve followed her for years and really relate to her design aesthetic. Lately, Jean Stoffer has been a big inspiration. I love her attention to detail and how way she appreciates and honors the architecture in her projects.'

Who are your dream clients?

Black circular dining table with white chairs

(Image credit: Ashley DeLapp / Christina Hussey Photography)

'I'm lucky that I usually have dream clients! I've had, and continue to have, clients who trust my vision for their homes. Dream clients are those who want a bolder look with lots of pattern and color. They trust the process and don't tell you how to do your job.'

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