Bridgerton's colorful maximalist sets have shifted design trends away from minimalist spaces – this is how, according to the show's set designers

The third season of Bridgerton is out tomorrow, so H&G spoke with the show's production designer, Alison Gartshore, and florist, Phillip Corps. Here's what they shared about the upsurge in vibrant interiors

Three stills of Bridgerton season three set designs
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It's no secret that the beautiful world of Bridgerton has inspired a newfound love for Regency-inspired interior design – ever since the show first graced our screens back in 2020, homeowners and designers alike have reveled in this ornate and awe-inspiring design style that dates back centuries.

And with season three coming soon, we're reminded once more of the bold use of color, pattern and floral arrangements that makes Bridgerton's Regency sets so special.

To get an inside look into the show's iconic sets, we sat down with production designer Alison Gartshore and florist Phillip Corps, both of whom helped bring the stunning world of Penelope, Colin, Kate and more to life.

They shared a bit more about the show's interior design style, why they think it's inspired a renaissance of Regency style, and how to bring a taste of the look into any home. Here's what they had to say.

What makes Bridgerton's set design unique?

A pink and white room decorated with flowers and glassware, with two characters from Bridgerton

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It doesn't take more than a quick glance to see that Bridgerton's sets, from family homes to grand ballrooms, are anything but bland. Instead, production designer Alison describes them as 'sumptuous,' 'technicolor,' and sometimes 'fantasy.'

With bright pastel shades and ornate details at every turn, Bridgerton is equal parts maximalist and Regency. 'Overall, the Bridgerton scenarios are very lavish, they're quite flamboyant, and usually they're beautifully colored,' says Alison.

Philip, who crafts expansive and luxurious floral designs for many of the show's scenes, says the set design is 'opulent' and 'sexy.' Classic Regency furniture, from upholstered seating to gilded tables and dressers, are only the foundation for the detailed, considered spaces that make up the storyline's standout backdrop.

'They can be very sexy. I think it’s a visual feast for the eyes, actually. And it makes you feel quite joyful when you’re watching because it stimulates all those senses that as humans, we tap into. All of the colors and the textures, and just the whole flamboyance of the whole scene,' adds Alison.

'We do quite a lot of very big, wide scenes that you don’t see very much anymore simply because we can, and it’s a beautiful filmmaking technique. It’s setting the scene, it’s presenting the viewer with a spectacle to look at. It’s wonderful,' she continues.

What's to love about Regency-inspired interiors?

A still from Bridgerton Season 3, with Regency style decor

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The Regencycore interiors of Bridgerton have found their way into modern-day homes, and for good reason. Many of the classic elements of the design style date back centuries, and are timeless touches in any style of home. Aside from these enduring design features, though, Alison suspects that the return to Regency style is simply part of the never-ending trend cycle that influences both interior design and fashion.

'It goes through stages, and I think we’re coming out of a very minimal stage, where it’s all been very modern, clean lines – very IKEA-looking shall we say. Those very minimalist spaces. We’ve had that for quite a long time, and I think everyone’s kind of ready to move on from that,' she says.

'I think when Bridgerton came along, it was really quite a breath of fresh air for people. And suddenly, the spaces looked very feminine and pretty, and quite family-orientated. Just very beautiful spaces. I think it’s just in the zeitgeist that people were ready for a fresh look at spaces,' Alison continues.

These 'luxurious and luscious' spaces that Alison describes speak to people who are seeking personalized, characterful places to gather with family and friends. Instead of pared-back, minimalist spaces, homeowners are craving beautiful, ornate and sometimes over-the-top design schemes, whether in select small spaces or across the whole home.

‘I think it hits at a time when everyone was feeling a bit low. It was an awful time,' adds Phillip, speaking about the pandemic and lockdown. 'We were trapped, and then this sort of flew out our imagination, and it’s so beautiful to look at. Very maximalist. And I think that’s influenced everything. It’s rich and colorful and soft and all those things.'

How to bring Regency style home

A Regency-style interior from Bridgerton season three

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All-out Regency is certainly not for everyone, but a small touch of color, pattern or ornate detailing can take any space to the next level. If you're in love with the Bridgerton look and want to bring the whole thing home or simply looking for a summer-worthy spruce-up, Alison says that color is a great place to start. Though using color can be intimidating to some, she adds that there's no reason to be hesitant about bright, bold hues.

'People are afraid to play with color sometimes, and I think that’s the one bit of advice I would give: Play with the color palette. There are thousands and thousands of paint colors out there, and it’s really easy to paint a wall a different color, even if it’s an accent wall, and just complement it with a range – with a palette of colors that suit each other,' says Alison.

'And have fun with it. It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong, because all it takes is another coat of paint and you’ve changed it again. So, it’s infinitely changeable. There’s no rules, you’re not going to do something that you shouldn’t be doing. Just have some fun,' she continues.

As you watch the long-awaited third season of Bridgerton, keep your eye out for the bright colors and intricate details that make each scene shine – you won't have to look far. There's something for everyone within Regency style, and it's the perfect place to start when giving your home a pre-summer refresh.

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