This is the single biggest design mistake we can make – according to Chelsea DeBoer

The Down Home Fab designer urges us to consider one thing before bringing any furnishing into our space – here's why it matters

Chelsea DeBoer
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Few design rules convert to every single room of the home, but Chelsea DeBoer's recent tip translates from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. 

'One thing I think people should try to think more about is their room's proportions: whether it's furniture or rugs or lighting, if things are too big or small in proportion, it just doesn’t look right,' the Down Home Fab star shared with H&G. 'Sometimes people forget, if something is too big, it can look unproportionate – and that, in turn, makes the room feel small. Considering proportions makes such a difference.' 

The HGTV personality and Aubree Says co-founder, has spent her career mastering decorating and design – but of all the lessons she's learned, choosing the right-sized furniture is among the most impactful. However, finding a piece perfectly sized for any room in our home can be easier said than done. So, should we go bigger or smaller? 

Chelsea DeBoer

(Image credit: Calli Rentschler from Baya Rae Photography)

'I would rather have an oversized light and make a statement than something that's too small. I would also rather choose a rug that's too big than too small. I tend to suggest going bigger and having a statement to look at instead of going too small,' she says. 'That's my biggest tip for people to look out for; I encourage them to be considerate about the proportions of any items in their space.'

Chelsea DeBoer
Chelsea DeBoer

Chelsea DeBoer is a female entrepreneur, social media maven, and co-founder of Aubree Says. Aubree Says, founded in early 2021, offers a range of high-quality, affordable everyday home products, including blankets, candles, and baby, household, and kitchenware accessories. Chelsea also stars alongside her husband, Cole, in HGTVs ‘Down Home Fab,’ which is currently filming season 2.

Considering our room's proportions is, as Chelsea emphasizes, highly influential to our home's overall aesthetic. However, the designer also reminds us not to overlook the power of a new area rug. 

'One way to change or refresh a room is with a new area rug. I just changed out the area rug in my living room, and it just made the whole space feel completely different,' she says.

'If you change your area rug, your pillows, or your throw blankets, it can feel like a new space and feel much more refreshed. It's a reminder that we should never forget about the floor area; it's such a base. I always say to build from the bottom up.'

Soft minimalist living room with pink arm chairs and marble coffee table

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'Start with your floor and build from there because it really is a huge space that is going to impact how your entire space looks.'

Adding a kitchen rug is one way to give our space a refresh, but in this space particularly, Chelsea also encourages us to upgrade our hardware to further improve our space. 

'If I were going to talk to someone and they wanted to change their space without spending loads of money I would say that changing out the hardware in a kitchen can make a huge impact. It's a relatively easy project and not too expensive.' 

We've listed some of our favorite rugs below, but of course, we're taking note of our room's proportions before investing. 

Though rugs and hardware may not some like rug changing additions, Chelsea's advice reminds us how even the smallest of details (including throws and pillows) have a transformative impact. Her brand, Aubree Says, is our first port of call for these accessories, in case we need more tempting to buy new blankets and candles this fall. 

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