Do queen sheets fit a full bed? Experts solve this common bedding query

Not all retailers stock full-size bed sheets – find out whether queen sheets fit a full bed and how to make the most of bed sheet sizes

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Bed sheet sizes can get confusing. There used to be just three standard sizes: twin, queen, and king. But with innovations in bed frames and the need for bed sizes to suit a wider range of living spaces, there are more options than ever. 

Whether you've bought a new bed frame or are shopping for a new sheet set, knowing which size you need matters. Of course, it's easy to differentiate between a twin and a Cali-king, but choosing between a full, full XL or queen is where it gets complicated. 

The sizes all sound the same, and one company's sizes may differ from others and not all brand stock all sizes. The most popular bed sheet size stocked at most retailers is a queen,  and you might not want to buy a whole new set of sheets for the sake of a couple inches' different between sheet sizes. 

if you're wondering if queen sheets fit a full bed, the truth is that there's not much difference. It won't matter hugely if you accidentally bought one instead of the other. Find out more about mattress sizes below and what to do if you've bought the wrong bed sheet size, according to the experts. 

Do queen sheets fit a full bed?

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Queen bed sheets are bigger than a full bed. Full bed sheets typically measure 53 x 75 inches, whereas a queen is 60 x 80 inches. Essentially, queen sheets fit a full bed with space left over. The only issue here is that your sheets might slide around on your mattress due to the surplus fabric. If you have a mattress topper or any mattress protectors on your bed then this will bulk out the size and help queen sheets fit even better. 

That said, you can use queen-size sheets on a full bed. As Anni Stromfeld, co-founder of sustainable bedding brand SIJO, explains, 'The sizing is fairly close, so while people may need to tuck a bit more fabric under the mattress, it should work!. It's also why a lot of companies do hybrid sizes for sets, and especially for top sheets + comforters/duvet covers.'

She adds that flat sheets 'can be tucked underneath the mattress further to help manage any excess material.' The fitted sheet is where you may struggle. The elasticated corners won't sit right at the edges of the sheet is bigger than the mattress. To solve this issue you can use sheet straps, like these best-selling bed sheet fasteners from Amazon, and tighten the straps to hold the sheet as securely as possible. 

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Anni Stromfeld

Co-founder Anni Stromfeld started SIJO alongside childhood friend Jacob Xi after reconnecting and bonding over their shared interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to build an ethical and sustainable business in the health/wellness area. Her vision was to transform how consumers think and feel about the home. 

Anni, Jacob, and their team focus on creating sustainable, performance-driven products that boast healthy benefits and unparalleled quality and have a simple, modern aesthetic that suits any home. 

Sheet size guide

Bed sheet sizes will vary by brand. Though the differences will be minuscule, they may be bigger or smaller despite being termed the same. It's important to check the dimensions when it comes to finding the right sheet sizes to see if they match up to your mattress. These are the sizes you'd typically find at most brands. 

Twin: 38 x 75 inches
Twin XL: 38 x 80 inches
Full: 53 x 75 inches
Queen: 60 x 80 inches
King: 76 x 80 inches
Californian King: 72 x 84 inches

Brands that sell all sizes

Most of the best bed sheets I've tried, tested, and reviewed are available in all sizes. These are my favorite bed sheets that are highly rated on comfort, performance, and cost. 


Is double the same as a full?

Full and double beds are the dimensions. 'Double' is the term used in the UK, whereas 'full' size is the name used in the US. Full-size dimensions are 53 x 75 inches, and double bed sizes are 135 x 190cm – which equate to almost the same size. Some retailers whose products are available in both the UK and the US may term their bed sheets as either double or full, so it's worth checking the exact dimensions to see which size you need. 

What two beds equal a queen?

A great guest room hack is to have two twin beds. Placed side by side, the two twin beds aren't far off a queen-sized bed. The beds will measure 76 inches by 75 inches; wider but shorter than a queen-size bed. 

Not buying the right size bed sheets is one of the biggest bed sheet mistakes people make. Other mistakes include not paying attention to materials, or the season you're going to be sleeping in. Ensure your bed is its best by following our guide on what not to do when shopping for your next sheet set. 

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