Best mattress topper: 8 top picks that will revive your bed⁠—and make it comfier

The best mattress toppers can make your bed feel like new again, bring pressure relief, alter the firmness of your mattress, and help you sleep cooler

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Best Mattress Topper
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The best mattress toppers can revolutionize nighttime comfort, whether you're dealing with a mattress that has gone too soft or perhaps you're looking for added cushion and support. The right mattress topper can also improve your sleep quality, offering increased pressure relief, cooling benefits, and making your bed harder or softer, according to your preference. 

Simply place it on top of your existing mattress, and you'll begin reaping the benefits already. Curious about where to begin figuring out which will be the best mattress topper for you? We've spent considerable time researching (and even trying out) the best mattress toppers, and took into account all their features, so you can find the right design that feels like it was tailor-made to your specifications. 

Mattress toppers are great for adding increased support or cushion to your mattress, but if your bed has started to permanently sag, you should head straight to our guide to the best mattress, featuring the full-size editions of several of the toppers on this list. 

Best mattress toppers 2021

TEMPUR-Topper Supreme - best mattress topper

(Image credit: Tempur-Pedic)

1. Tempur-Topper Supreme

Best mattress topper overall: achieves high marks across the board for its comfort, cooling, and pressure-relieving properties

Best for: support and pressure-relief
Type: Tempur-material
Thickness: 3"
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Get Tempur-Pedic support without having to buy a full mattress+Features a removable and washable Cover+Medium-firm comfort level+Hypoallergenic and breathable+Works with adjustable bases+10-year warranty
Reasons to avoid
-Not returnable when purchased directly from Tempur-Pedic

Say goodbye to any aches and pains, and more importantly, make your mattress feel like new again with one of the most popular and trusted mattress names on the market.

What we like
There are a number of factors that make this mattress topper a top pick. Apart from ultimate comfort and pressure support, it's also hypoallergenic, breathable, and offers minimal motion transfer. It's like a traditional Tempur-Pedic mattress, but on a smaller scale, using the proprietary Tempur material that uniquely responds to your weight, shape, and temperature, adapting to your body for truly personalized support. The medium-firmness is comfortable for all sleepers, making it excellent for couples with different sleeping styles, and of course, who don't want to be interrupted by each other's movements.

Things to note
If you choose to purchase directly from Tempur-Pedic, the mattress topper is not returnable. That is why we've shown you above the many retailers that do carry the Tempur-topper but may not be subject to the same promotions that buying direct from Tempur-Pedic offers, like a frequent 40 percent off promotion. 

Additionally, if you seek a mattress topper that offers all the above, plus exceptional cooling, the Tempur-Adapt + Cooling includes all the features of the Supreme, plus a high-performance cool-to-the-touch cover. 

Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Topper - best mattress topper

(Image credit: Avocado)

2. Avocado Green Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Best organic mattress topper: a hand-crafted latex topper available in plush and firm

Best for: indulging in eco-luxury
Type: Latex
Thickness: 2.75"
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Two firmness levels (plush and firm)+Breathable wool cover+Canvas bottom reduces slipping+Meets several environmental certifications including GOTS, GOLS, Made Safe+Carbon Negative Production & Shipping
Reasons to avoid
-No straps to secure to the bed-Slightly smaller than mattress-Faint odor from wool 

If you're looking to avoid any polyurethane foams, memory foams, latex blends, or chemical adhesives, Avocado is about as pure as it gets. You'll sleep soundly knowing that Avocado's Organic Latex Mattress Topper makes use of only a few organic materials. 

What we like
The list of clean materials and certifications that went into the creation of Avocado's latex topper, like two inches of GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex, a layer of organic certified wool for moisture-wicking, bounce, and as a natural flame retardant and a quilted ticking made with GOTS organic certified cotton. Essentially, these high-quality toppers mimic the exact same quality and cushioning of their mattresses, to add tailored comfort to a mattress that is either too hard or too soft...

That's right, you have the option to choose from plush or firm options depending on your preferences. The firm topper uses D75 medium-firm natural latex to add gentle support and resilience, while the Plush Topper uses D65 soft natural latex to provide a more cloud-like, luxury-plush feel.

The Avocado mattress topper also meets a whole host of environmental certifications to make you feel safe in your purchase including Made Safe Certification, GreenGuard Gold, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT certified. It also employs carbon-negative practices and partnerships to offset the impact of its production and shipping on the climate and greenhouse emissions.

Things to note
The latex topper does not use any straps to secure itself to the bed, rather an organic cotton canvas on the bottom of the topper will keep the mattress from slipping.

A few reviewers note that the toppers were slightly smaller than their existing mattress, which is most likely the result of the topper's handmade nature and thus decreased the sleeping surface just a smidge. Others mentioned a faint "barn house" smell that is a result of the wool and will fade with time. 

Avocado also offers the same 365 trial period on its toppers as its mattresses and a lengthy 10-year warranty.

Sleep Innovations Ultra Soft Support Gel Memory Dual Layer Foam Mattress Topper - best mattress topper

(Image credit: Sleep Innovations)

3. Sleep Innovations Ultra Soft Support Gel Memory Foam Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Best plush mattress topper: a hybrid design that combines cooling gel-memory foam and a quilted cover to make your bed extra-soft

Best for: an ultra-soft surface that doesn't sacrifice support
Type: Gel-memory foam, and a quilted-plush cover
Thickness: 4"
Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Washable Quilted topper secures entire topper by stretching to fit bed like a fitted sheet+Contouring comfort+CertiPUR-US certified foam
Reasons to avoid
-Not recommended for those who sleep hot

If turning your mattress into the equivalent of a cloud is your mission for a better night's sleep, the Sleep Innovations Ultra Soft Support Gel Memory Foam Dual Layer Mattress Topper offers four inches of plush, contouring support. 

What we like
The Ultra-Soft design employs a three-inch cooling gel memory foam layer with a one-inch washable quilted fiberfill topper that stretches over the memory foam and mattress to secure itself to the bed like a fitted sheet. The soft topper contours to your body with just the right amount of sink. It's really like sleeping on a cloud, that also has the ability to reduce pain caused by pressure points. 

Things to note
Those who have tried this mattress topper found it extremely comfortable but mentioned if you already do tend to sleep hot, this won't exactly make you sleep cooler. 

PlushBeds Extra Firm Natural Latex Topper - best mattress topper

(Image credit: PlushBeds)

4. PlushBeds Extra Firm Natural Latex Topper

Best firm mattress topper: one of the firmest toppers available for excellent pressure point and back pain relief

Best for: those who enjoy very firm surfaces
Type: Talalay Latex
Thickness: 2" or 3"
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Great support+Odor-free, hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, and mildew resistant +Customizable thickness and firmness options
Reasons to avoid
-Extra-firm is not as forgiving to your shoulders, hips, and knees-Cotton cover extra

If you're on a bed that lost its support, or on a mission to make a soft bed, well, firm,  PlushBeds Extra-Firm Natural Latex Topper comes out top for offering one of the firmest, most supportive latex toppers on the market, reaching a 7 on the firmness scale. While the name does sound like an oxymoron coming from PlushBeds, the company actually makes a variety of Latex toppers in differing depths and firmness levels to suit your sleep preferences. 

What we like
PlushBed's all-natural Talalay latex topper offers superior support and pressure point relief for increased comfort through the night.  The Extra-Firm is recommended for those who enjoy very firm surfaces, stomach or back sleepers, and those over 250lbs. 

Beyond being able to choose from four different firmness levels, you can also choose between two and three inches depths, the former which adds a supportive layer while still allowing you to slightly feel your mattress underneath, and the latter for additional cushion and insulation from your existing mattress. 

The latex also has an open-cell airflow design that offers heat distribution to keep you cool and also isolates motion from your partner.

Things to note
PlushBeds notes that its extra-firm design may not be as forgiving to your shoulders, hips, and knees, but provides excellent support. If any of those areas are problem areas for you, we suggest trying the medium-firm topper to not create any further potential pain points. 

For an additional cost, you can also add on an organic cotton cover. Latex is not washable, so it could be useful to have the extra cover to protect it. 

Pacific Coast Down on Top Featherbed

(Image credit: Pacific Coast Feather Company)

5. Pacific Coast Down on Top Featherbed

Best featherbed: a soft topper made that's simpler than others to upkeep

Best for: adding a fluffy pillow-top like experience to your mattress
Type: HyperClean Down and Hyperclean Resilia feathers
Thickness: 3"
Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Luxuriously soft and cozy+Uses hypoallergenic down +The dual-chamber design makes it easy to re-fluff and position down 
Reasons to avoid
-Spot or Dry Clean Only-No Twin XL size

Traditionalists will gravitate toward the cloud-like nature of Pacific Coast Feather Company's dual-chamber Down on Top Mattress Topper, which offers all the benefits of a featherbed, without any sharp feathers poking through. 

What we like

Say hello to pure luxury. This topper will be like sleeping on a cloud every single night, and it's comfortable for the back, side, and even stomach sleepers. The three-inch topper features a dual-chamber design with a top layer of 525 fill power Hyperclean® down-filled and a bottom with Hyperclean Resilia™ feathers for cushioning support. 

So about this Hyperclean process. It means that its down and feathers have been washed and rinsed eight or more times with biodegradable cleaning agents, filtering out dust and dirt. It is the dust and dirt found in down and feathers that people are allergic to, not the down or feather itself. On top of this, Pacific Coast offers an allergy warranty on its products.

 As down regularly needs to be fluffed at the risk of becoming lumpy, side handles make it easy to adjust the cover. Plus, the cotton cover is incorporated what Pacific Coast calls Barrier Weave to keep any feathers from poking through.

It's also much more breathable than memory foam or latex and will suit hot sleepers. 

Things to note
The mattress topper has no straps to secure it in place, so you'll want a snug-fitting mattress protector to keep it from slipping around. In fact, the enclosed directions require that you use a mattress protector for the three-year warranty to be valid. 

The down topper adds more or less a soft surface, rather than increased pressure relief or additional lumbar support. This is for the person who wants to be surrounded by softness, but not necessarily looking for major support. You'll need to look to latex or memory foam for that. 

ViscoSoft 4-Inch Active Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper - best mattress topper

(Image credit: ViscoSoft)

6. ViscoSoft 4-Inch Active Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best cooling mattress topper: copper is both cooling and antimicrobial

Best for: sleeping cool
Type: Memory Foam
Thickness: 4"
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Uses copper, which is known for cooling and anti-microbial properties+Washable cover
Reasons to avoid
-Straps struggle over thick mattresses

Forget tossing and turning from night sweats or mattresses that seem to retain too much body heat. ViscoSoft's Active Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper offers four inches of very important temperature and pressure point relief. 

What we like
This supportive mattress topper is all about keeping you cool and comfortable. The unique Drift cooling cover helps moderate heat and deflects moisture while the copper-infused memory foam also works to transfers heat from the body to keep you cool. Another 2-inch layer of ventilated memory foam increases breathability and provides contouring support. In addition to cooling, copper is also preferred for its antimicrobial properties. The design itself is also extremely motion isolating, essentially minimizing any potential disruptions to your sleep. 

Things to note
The cover is washable, and the topper utilizes a breathable mesh anti-slip backing and elastic straps that conveniently connect it to the bed. Some have noted that they've struggled with the straps on already thick mattresses, or that the bands snapped. 


Saatva mattress topper - best mattress topper

(Image credit: Saatva)

7. Saatva Foam Mattress Topper

Best mattress topper for pressure-relief: conforms to your body

Best for: maintaining proper spinal alignment
Type: High-Density Foam
Thickness: 1.5"
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Reasons to buy
+Evenly distributes weight for pressure relief+Body contouring +Secures to bed with elastic band
Reasons to avoid
-Thinner than other toppers-Might sleep warm for some

Looking to combat aches and pains without drastically changing your bedding setup? It's a wonder what 1.5-inches can do with Saatva's high-density foam mattress topper.

What we like
The 1.5" medium-firm design appeals to all sleep types, offering body-contouring support, and evenly distributes weight for pressure point relief. It also features secure elastic anchor bands that keep the mattress topper in place. The organic cotton cover promotes breathability.  

Things to note
The 1.5" is thinner than most of the mattress toppers on our list. If you're looking for a subtle change this will be perfect, but if you're expecting large comfort changes or hoping to fix larger durability issues with your mattress, you may need to consider alternatives. For instance, in addition to the foam mattress topper, Saatva also offers a 3" graphite cooling topper and a 1.5" buoyant latex design. Options are important. 

Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper - best mattress topper

(Image credit: Coyuchi)

8. Coyuchi Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper

Best wool mattress topper: all-natural wool is temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and supportive

Best for: temperature regulation
Type: Wool
Thickness: 1.5"
Sizes: Twin, Queen, King
Reasons to buy
+More durable than memory foam, more supportive than down+Temperature regulating +Non-allergenic and dust-mite resistant+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid
-Limited sizing-Should be used underneath the mattress cover and mattress pad, not directly under your sheet. 

Both hypoallergenic and environmentally conscious, Coyuchi's Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper is more durable than foam and more supportive than down. It'll also keep you cool when you want it, and warm when you need it.  

What we like
First of all, Coyuchi's extremely transparent production process discusses how the wool is sourced from a ranch in California before being sent to a historic Michigan woolen mill where the wool is washed with biodegradable soap, rinsed, then air-dried. Next, it's transferred to the mill’s original antique carding machines, which use steam and humidity in place of chemicals to finish the topper. Each topper is hand-knotted in 9" squares to hold the wool in place then encased in an organic cotton shell. 

Wool is naturally non-allergenic and dust-mite resistant. It's also beloved as a temperature regulator in both warm and cool weather for true year-round comfort. As a topper, it offers soft support and insulation. While it won't necessarily mold to your body like memory foam, it maintains its shape to offer gentle pressure relief. 

Things to note
The topper is designed to be used underneath the mattress cover and mattress pad, not directly under your sheet. 

Now, what is Climate Beneficial wool exactly? Coyuchi also explains that the ranches they source wool from have a Carbon Farming plan in place and practice land stewardship. These practices help to reduce up the carbon imprint by up to 150 pounds of CO2 per garment.

Why should I buy a mattress topper?

People buy mattress toppers for varying reasons. They're excellent to add personalized comfort for extended stays at a vacation rental, or even for a college-aged student's dorm room. 

Your preferences in terms of what you want from a mattress may have changed over time, and instead of buying an all-new mattress, a topper is an economical and practical way to make your bed more comfortable and tailored to what you need right now.  If a mattress is too firm, a soft mattress topper can make your bed comfortable again, and vice versa. 

Mattress toppers are also beneficial if you're looking to trial the feeling of memory foam or latex if you've spent most of your life on an innerspring mattress. 

They can also extend the life of your existing mattress, and delay additional sagging or wear. However, if your mattress is already lumpy or saggy, or even over seven years old, we think it's time for a new mattress. 

A mattress topper sits on top of your mattress and provides support that can prolong a mattress's life by reducing pressure on the springs, delaying any sagging or general wear. Combine a mattress topper with regularly flipping your mattress and you could see your mattress provide full support for longer.

What type of mattress topper is best for me?

As you can see from above, there is an abundance of mattress toppers out there. The majority fall into the following categories:

Memory foam mattress toppers
Back and side sleepers typically love the cushioning and contouring effects of memory foam, which is a byproduct of polyurethane. Memory foam does tend to run warmer, but new technologies featuring gel foam, or infusions of materials like copper or graphite help with increased airflow and wicking away moisture. Overall, memory foam offers exceptional pressure relief for aches and pains and a soft, cradling comfort feel. 

Latex mattress toppers
Latex offers responsive support, with common buzzwords describing them as resilient and buoyant. Compared to memory foam, they are more cooling and firm, but both offer great pressure relief and motion isolation. Unless you have a latex allergy, latex is also antimicrobial and non-allergenic, making it a good choice for those with allergy sensitivities. Perhaps of even more interest, all-natural latex is better for the environment and uses fewer chemicals and harmful substances in production. 

According to Saatva, Latex mattress toppers are often recommended by orthopedists and chiropractors to relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain. 

Featherbeds emulate a classic pillowtop experience. They're typically plush and available in down or alternative down fabrications. These tend to be the most breathable and cooling, but offer less pressure relief and support. 

Comparable to featherbeds, wool toppers offer an all-natural, allergen-free sleep surface, with increased temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties for year-round comfort. They offer a bit of padding but are not nearly as thick as most memory foam or latex options. They're usually harder to find, and the most expensive. 

What features to look for in a mattress topper? 

Most mattress toppers are between 1" and 4". The thicker the mattress topper, the more cushioning you'll experience, which will alter the original feel of your mattress. You may need to invest in deep-pocketed sheets depending on the thickness of your current mattress and new topper.

Cooling properties and breathability
While memory foam is known to retain body heat, features such as perforated foam, cool to the touch covers, and gel infusions with temperature regulating substances like copper or graphite lead to 

Pressure relief and support
If you seek relief from back pain or any other body aches, you'll need a mattress topper that offers excellent spinal alignment by offering cushioned support. Memory foam and latex designs offer the most support. 

If you're looking to make a firm mattress more forgiving, a soft topper like a feather bed or a thick, plush memory foam topper will add a nice amount of cushion that can relieve achy joints. 

Motion isolation
Memory foam and latex mattress toppers are also excellent at minimizing disruptions for your partner moving around in bed beside you. 

What's the difference between a mattress topper, a mattress protector, and a mattress pad? 

A mattress topper will effectively change the feeling of your mattress.

A mattress pad is typically a thin quilted layer designed to protect your mattress from stains and sweat while adding subtle cushioning to your bed. It'll usually fit over your bed like a fitted sheet, and are often machine-washable.

Mattress protectors come in many forms to expand the lifespan of your mattress by protecting it against spills, dust, pests, stain, and more. Most will stretch over your mattress like a fitted sheet, while full-mattress encasements will protect you from bedbugs and other unwanted pests. You'll likely want to use a mattress protector on top of your new mattress topper as well. 

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