Best mattress protector 2023 – tested to protect your bed

The best mattress protectors are waterproof, cooling, and hypoallergenic - these are our top picks

One of the best mattress protectors, the Sijo Clima, on a bed with pillows
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1. The list in brief ↴
2. Best overall: Saatva Waterproof
3. Best waterproof: Coop Home Goods
4. Best cooling: Sijo Clima Tech Temptune
5. Best organic: Avocado Organic Waterproof
6. Best budget: Saferest Premium Hypoallergenic
7. Best to combat bed bugs: Amazon Basics
8. How to choose
9. How we test

Mattress protectors are essential. Designed to shield your mattress from spills, stains, dirt, and dust mites, they keep your mattress clean and prolong its lifespan. Having a mattress protector is a must if you're wanting to make the most of your mattress' warranty too. Some warranties are void if you don't use a protector. 

Whether you have little ones, like to drink your morning coffee and enjoy breakfast in bed or simply suffer from allergies, a protector is your first line of defense. With waterproof, cooling, and hypoallergenic protectors that guard against bed bugs, there's a type to suit every sleeper. 

But with so many types, it can be hard to know which to buy, and because they're often inexpensive, there are plenty of cheap knock-offs that can't can't come close to the real thing. 

That's why we've tried, tested, and compared the best mattress protectors and rated them on performance, how well they wash, and price. These are the only protectors for your mattress

Best mattress protector deals

To get the fairest price on the best bedding, I recommend reading the whole article. But if you're tight on time and money, you should consider these deep discounts on the best mattress protectors around. 

Slumber Cloud Core Mattress Protector | Was $199.00

Slumber Cloud Core Mattress Protector | Was $199.00, now $49.75 at Slumber Cloud
This is the deepest discount I've seen on a mattress protector this shopping season. Right now, you can pick up a top-quality mattress protector at Slumber Cloud for less than $50. This protector guards against dirt, spills, daily wear and tear, as well as the dangers of overheating. There's a soft and silent layer of waterproof fabric built into the protector, which incorporates NASA-engineered temperature-regulation technology to keep you cool and dry. 

Casper Breathable Mattress Protector | Was $149.00

Casper Breathable Mattress Protector | Was $149.00, now $134.10 at Casper
You can save a few dollars on this Casper mattress protector, which comes in every size from twin through to California King. It stretches like a snug sheet to fit any mattress up to 16 inches deep. The Breathable Mattress Protector is covered in a spacer knit shell, which promotes airflow to keep you cool and dry.

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The quick list

If you want a mattress topper and you're in a hurry, here are the headlines. We go into more details about each one further down the page.

The best mattress protectors in 2023

You can trust Homes & Gardens. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing the latest products, helping you choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

After sleeping on these for weeks, these are the conclusion from our mattress protector tests. 

The best mattress protector overall

Mattress protector on bedH&G gold badge

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1. Saatva Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is the best mattress protector you can buy


Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
Material: Organic cotton
Waterproof: Yes
Hypoallergenic: No
RRP: $95-$230

Reasons to buy

GOTS-certified organic cotton 
Machine and dry 
Stays secure

Reasons to avoid

Lint collects on surface

This mattress protector aces the basics. It's is perfectly waterproof, as no liquid soaked through the mattress surface when our tester Jaclyn poured water straight onto it. Made from responsibly sourced organic cotton (which is rare for a mattress protector), this Saatva option slept cool as the knit cover wicked away moisture, even on warm evenings. It sits tight and secure to the bed, and it's so comfortable that Jaclyn completely forgot it was there. 

It's good to know that this one isn't hypoallergenic. It is simple to machine wash and tumble dry, so you can keep it free from dust mites with regular washing. 

The best waterproof mattress protector

coop mattress protectorH&G gold badge

(Image credit: Coop Home Goods)

2. Coop Home Goods Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

Perfect for kids or clumsy coffee drinkers


Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Material: Polyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon with a soft polyurethane waterproof backing
Waterproof: Yes
Hypoallergenic: Yes
RRP: $38-$57

Reasons to buy

Sleeps cool and breathable
Blocks water and spills from reaching the surface 
Deep sides for security 
Great price + 100 night sleep trial

Reasons to avoid

Stretchy side fabric bunches on thinner mattresses

If you have little ones or love a morning cup of coffee in bed, the waterproof protection on this mattress pad will save you time, money, and a lot of worry. 

Coop Home Goods' premium mattress protector is made with bamboo-derived products. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating – you won't sleep hot, or suffer from allergies. Our tester Jaclyn found this protector soft to the touch (no plasticky surface here) which also meant it was quiet when slept on. 

Before leaping into a purchase, it's worth noting that this is quite a deep protector. At 18in, if your mattress is thin, be prepared to tuck it in. Though, at this price point, that's a sacrifice we're willing to make. It's machine washable, too.

The best cooling mattress protector

Sijo Home mattress pad cooling folded up on white backgroundH&G gold badge

(Image credit: Sijo Home )

3. SIJO CLIMA TECH TempTune Mattress Pad

For a clean and cool night of sleep


Sizes : Full, Queen, King, Cali King
Material : TENCEL™ lyocell + Mica nylon blend shell, CLIMA fiber blend fill
Waterproof : No
Hypoallergenic : Yes
RRP : $175-$195

Reasons to buy