How to keep a mattress topper from sliding: 6 expert ways to secure your bed

Make sure your mattress topper stays secure throughout the night with these expert tips and tricks

How to keep a mattress topper from sliding: Mattress topper on mattress with lady holding the corner over the bed
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Mattress toppers are designed to transform the firmness of an old or uncomfortable mattress. Sitting on top of your mattress surface, they act as an additional layer, adding cushion and support where you need it. They're the perfect solution to better sleep when you don't have the budget to spend on a brand-new mattress. 

But as helpful as mattress toppers are, there's a common complaint about them sliding off the bed during the night. While some mattress toppers come with straps or grippers to keep them in place, many offer no way of securing the topper to the bed. If you too often find yourself waking up with your mattress topper at the bottom of the bed or shifted to one side, it's worth finding out how to keep a mattress topper from sliding.

Aside from the obvious (buying one of the best mattress toppers with straps) there are actually a few tricks that experts recommend trying if yours doesn't. From picking up a non-slip pad to getting tactical with tape, I've collated some simple advice from mattress specialists on how to keep your mattress secure, without having to spend a lot of money. 

First, learn why your mattress topper slides in the night, then find ways to fix your mattress topper to your sleep surface and you'll be back to sleeping soundly. 

What makes a mattress topper slide?

Mattress topper on mattress with lady holding the corner over the bed

(Image credit: Getty / Credit: AndreyPopov Creative #:1431578150)

Before solving the issue it helps to understand why your mattress topper might be moving around. 

James Leinhardt, sleep and posture expert and founder of Levitex suggests 'to check the mattress topper has either elasticated corners to attach it directly to the mattress, or whether it has an anti-slip base (similar to a bobble base), so it grips the mattress underneath.' If not, your mattress topper may simply be on top of a slipper mattress surface or protector where there is nothing to grip or hold it in place. 

Another reason your mattress may be sliding could be that your topper is the incorrect size. If the mattress is bigger or smaller, it's likely to move around the mattress surface. 

James Leinhardt levitex brand headshot
James Leinhardt

Founder and Chief Sleep Posture Expert at Levitex, James Leinhardt, has a wealth of knowledge in nighttime postural care and has designed class-one medical devices to manage the posture for clients suffering from complex neurological illness and injury.

James also guest lectures at Universities across the UK and the US and is an Honorary Lecturer at the School of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire. He is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of sleep posture as a clinical intervention to the next generations of nurses, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.

How to keep a mattress topper from sliding

If you're happy with your current mattress topper and aren't wanting to buy another that conveniently comes with straps, there are plenty of ways you can solve the sliding problem and have you enjoying undisturbed sleep: 

1. Mattress Gripper or Non-Slip Pad

There are mattress grippers and non-slip pads, like this best-selling Gorilla mattress slide stopper, that are specifically designed to keep your mattress topper in place. 'These are typically made of rubber or silicone and provide friction between the mattress and the topper, helping to prevent slipping.' explains Martin Seeley, founder, and CEO of MattressNextDay. 

'This is arguably the number one option' adds Hafiz Shariff, sleep expert and founder of Owl + Lark. 

Martin Seeley headshot image
Martin Seeley

The founder and CEO of MattressNextDay, Martin Seeley knows how to overcome any sleep-related problem, offering you the most expert advice and information on a range of health and lifestyle matters. 

2. Hook and loop Velcro strips

You can buy self-adhesive Velcro strips and 'attach one side to the corners or edges of your mattress and the other to the underside of your topper.' says Seeley. 'Press the Velcro together firmly to secure the topper in place. Shariff explains 'This will create a strong bond between the mattress and the topper'. 

You can buy these from any hardware store, though these Hook and Loop strips from Amazon have fantastic reviews from customers using them for their mattresses. 

 Sleep expert and founder of Owl + Lark Hafiz Shariff headshot
Hafiz Shariff

Sleep expert and founder of Owl + Lark Hafiz Shariff has extensively researched human circadian rhythms and coined the term 'circadian fitness'. 

3. Elastic straps or sheet fasteners

Sheet straps are elasticated bands with clips on either end. Seeley explains, they 'clip onto the side of your fitted sheet and pulled under the corner of the mattress to hold the sheet in place and prevent bunching'. While originally designed for sheets you can use them to hold the mattress topper in place by 'clipping a strap to each corner of the topper and sliding the band under the mattress.' he adds. 

Shariff also states that 'sheet suspenders or bedsheet holders, are also great anti-slip devices for mattresses. The bedmaker sheet straps from Walmart will save your sleep for just $5. 

4. Double-sided duct tape

If your budget is small, you can secure your topper using the double-sided tape you probably already have at home. 'Go down the cost-friendly route and apply double-sided tape to the underside of the mattress topper. Simply stick the tape onto the mattress, ensuring it is firmly attached. This method can be effective, but make sure to use a tape that won't damage your mattress or topper' says Shariff. 

5. Fitted Sheet

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A mattress topper with straps

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A much simpler solution to stop your topper from slipping is by using tightly fitted bed sheets. If the fitted sheet you're using is too big, or too small, it won't hold your topper tightly. Excess material may cause it to shift or the corners may ping off and allow the topper to move. 'Use a fitted sheet that is the right size and deep enough to accommodate both the mattress and the topper. The elasticized edges of the fitted sheet can help hold the topper in place.' Seeley suggests. 

6. Mattress encasement

Similar to the fitted sheet, Shariff adds that 'You can also consider using a mattress encasement that covers both your mattress and the topper. This creates a unified surface, reducing the chance of the topper shifting.' Mattress encasements are a type of mattress mattress protector,but rather than sitting on top of the mattress and topper, will envelop both the whole way around, keeping them together as one object. 


Should a mattress topper be put under or over a mattress protector?

Everyone should have a mattress protector on their bed. It shields your bed from spills and stains and essentially means you can go longer without having to clean your mattress. But if you have a mattress topper too, it can get confusing. Should your protector be in between your mattress and the topper, or should it act as a barrier between you and your sleep surface (aka the topper? Experts say the latter. 

You should put your topper down first, directly on top of the mattress with the protector over both. Think of your mattress topper as an additional layer to your mattress. Putting a mattress protector, then a tight fitted sheet over the top will also help to keep your mattress topper secure. 

How can I make my bed more stable?

If you're finding your mattress topper isn't the only thing that's moving, there are other ways you can make your bed more stable. If your bed frame, sits on the wooden floor, it's likely it could slip or slide around, and if your bed frame is quite old, it could shift as you lay or even sit on the bed. A great way to make your bed more stable and secure is by adding slats or investing in a box spring. Bed frame slats are used to support the mattress by sitting on a bed base. Not all bed frames come with them, but box springs have built-in wired or wooden slats to hold heavier mattresses. They lie across the width of the base to hold the mattress up and take the pressure off the frame itself. 

You shouldn't rely on your mattress topper for a comfortable night's sleep, and keeping it secure to your bed isn't going to last a lifetime. Mattress toppers should be a short-term solution to make an old bed last longer or an add-on to a rental or college dorm mattress. If your topper isn't helping you sleep better, it's time to invest in a new mattress instead. 

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