Jeremiah Brent says we should all 'worry less about whatever is trending!' and embrace originality

We sat down with designer and presenter, Jeremiah Brent to talk about his (strong) opinion on interior design trends, and why he thinks personality is key to a well designed home

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Interior design trends have dictated how our homes look for decades. Just like in the world of fashion those of us who keep a keen eye on trends do have a tendency to often let them dictate our tastes and decisions, sometimes even at the expense of our own personal style.

However, 2024 seems to be the year of the anti-trend. Instead of designing spaces around fleeting looks, so many 'trends' this year are about just leaning into what you love and creating homes filled with personality and character.

The anti-trend concept is nothing new to designer (and soon-to-be Queer Eye presenter) Jeremiah Brent. He's been taking this approach to interior design from the beginning, and it's this concept of designing homes that reflect the people within them that's at the core of his new book – The Space That Keeps You.

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H&G sat down with Jeremiah to talk about his new book, plus hear more about why he doesn't think every trend is worth following, which trends he is actually loving right now, and his tips on making a home feel more like you.

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'You’ve heard me say it before... worry less about whatever is trending!' starts Jeremiah when asked for his opinion on the popular trends for 2024. 'Yes, it’s fun to see colors, finishes, and time periods in a new light, but everything is in a constant cycle of passing and coming back around. What about the trend of moving past trends?'

'And if I had to pick 'trends' I am loving, it's any trends that have a historical reference. Instagram has also really elevated what ‘Do It Yourself’ can mean within a home. Adding molding, DIY canopy beds, creating plaster art... all of these things turn trends into something that’s personal because you created it with your own two hands.'

'Just avoid buying everything brand new, it can take away from the warmth of your space. Always take your time,' he adds.

When we tentatively broached the topic of 'core' trends (think Barbie-core, cafe-core, etc). Jeremiah was quick to note that he might be an advocate for classic, timeless spaces, but there's still room for these shorter-lived trends that are usually brought about by social media or cultural references of the time. 

'I think there’s some fun to these trends! I love the idea of pulling inspiration for your home from unexpected places – cafés, movie sets, etc. My interiors often reference things that wouldn’t initially be considered ‘home decor’. My advice is to mix the 'cores' and have fun with it. That's where anything original comes from – conflict.'

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So what's Jeremiah's advice for embracing interior design trends, while also ensuring a home that never dates? 'If you see a trend that truly reflects what you love, go for it,' he suggests. 'Otherwise, there’s no reason to invest in something you have no connection to. Personalization is key.'

This is what The Space That Keeps You is all about. Homes that have and represent personalities. Encouraging the idea that homes should be unique. Jeremiah explains, 'Throughout the process of writing my book, I found such beauty in the diversity of my friend’s homes. Some were vast, some were just a couple of rooms. Some were bright and bold, others were muted and calm. Some had layers of accessories, others were more pared back. But all of them felt intimate because of their history and the warmth of those that lived there. As you design your home, embrace what’s original and celebrate the unexpected.'

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So really Jeremiah's approach to interior design has little to do with what's on trend or the rules we are often told to follow, and it has far more to do with what naturally starts to happen when you live in a space. You collect things, surround yourself with pieces you are drawn to, and mean something to you and that creates the perfect interiors, unique to you.

When we asked Jeremiah what defines 'home' to you, he didn't focus on the furniture, or the colors, or anything to do with the decor in fact. His answer was simply, 'Anywhere that I’m surrounded by the people I love and the things that tell our story.

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