Joanna Gaines's seasonal centerpiece is the talking point of her dining table – and it's easy to recreate

The designer pays homage to the month using a fall-inspired color palette – and experts love its eye-catching qualities

Joanna Gaines houseplant
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Mid to late November marks the sweet point in the calendar where fall's colors appear their most vibrant, and Joanna Gaines has seized the opportunity to celebrate them in all their glory. 

The designer collected some seasonal flowers: Zinnas, gomphrenas, rudbeckias, and sunflowers to create an arrangement that stands as the talking point of her dining table. The collection is beautiful enough to stand alone, but it will also pair well with wider Thanksgiving table decor if she so wishes. 

Joanna's collection of 'fall garden blooms' suggests she picked these flowers in her famous cottage garden, but these flowers are often available at local nurseries and florists (because we can't all enjoy a yard as impressive as the one in her Waco abode). However, as experts remind us, it's not so much about the flowers – but how she arranges them. 

Joanna Gaines

(Image credit: @joannagaines)

'When creating a beautiful tablescape that celebrates the season ahead, what better place to start than with fresh, hand-picked flowers from the garden? There are plenty of flowers that bloom ready for picking in early autumn, as well as hardy, evergreen plants that can add some depth and an extra touch of foliage to any table,' comment the experts at Burleigh Pottery.

Their favorite of Joanna's blooms is the sunflower, which, they emphasize, is the perfect fit for a fall-inspired color scheme.

'Whichever bloom you choose, displaying your fresh flowers in ceramic milk jugs [or a  ceramic container like Joanna's] gives your table a rustic, cozy farmhouse feel and can be a more understated choice than a traditional glass vase.' Joanna is synonymous with the modern farmhouse aesthetic, after all. 

Joanna Gaines

(Image credit: @joannagaines)

Flowers and containers aside, however, the Burleigh team explains that adding foliage is similarly key to creating a 'statement' piece. 

'As the focal point of any tablescape, you'll want to construct your centerpiece by starting with large, more neutral components and then gradually adding in smaller pops of color and texture,' they explain.' For example, the Judas tree and the Forest Pansy both have large, flat leaves that turn from green or deep purple to a buttery yellow color in the autumn.'

For some extra color, they also recommend incorporating small branches from a crab apple tree that add pops of vibrancy with their small, red fruit. 'Or, to add some texture and interest to your centerpiece, look out for a freshly flowered crop of Old Man's Beard in your hedgerow.'

For the perfect fall focal point (just in time for Thanksgiving), we're picking up these pieces below. 

Beyond the tablescape, these containers will look beautiful atop a table in an entryway or on our kitchen island. Now, we just need to race to buy some yellow flowers before the season passes. 

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