Joanna Gaines's garden shed is the perfect place to indulge in a favorite hobby – the space is a masterclass in organization

Turn your garden shed into an extension of your home to which you can escape and while away the hours

Joanna Gaines
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Do you dream of having a place where your creativity can flourish alongside your flowers, where you can connect with the great outdoors, yet enjoy a sense of sanctuary? If so, take a look outside – any existing garden shed can be transformed into a place to work or play. Interior designer and co-host of HGTV's Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines has taken this philosophy to heart to craft a place to indulge in one of her favorite pastimes; gardening. 

All manner of garden or sunrooms can be turned into a hideaway – even a humble wooden shed has the potential to become a writer’s cabin or yoga studio, or as Joanna Gaines has done, a good old-fashioned potting shed. 

The fun thing about a shed, or even she shed, is it can be easily changed, and a garden haven can become a place to experiment with different looks and styles. As a starting point, take your cue from the materials, shapes, and colors found in nature when it comes to making decorative choices. 

The idea of having a private, relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, starts in childhood, so it is no surprise that designers, decorators, and homeowners alike are turning that attention to planning hideaways in the backyard. 

If a potting shed, similar to the Joanna Gaines', is on your wishlist, then finding the right storage ideas for sheds should sit high on your priority list. 

Plenty of storage is a must in a potting shed but it’s also important that the contents are arranged efficiently. Make use of vertical space with storage bays, and hooks to keep tools off the floor. Hanging tools allows the air to circulate around them, reducing the likelihood of rust developing, which could prevent them from working effectively. Fitted, open shelving that is fixed to the wall is often the most secure solution, and it allows everything to be viewed and accessed with ease.

Provided it is cool, dry, and frost-free, a shed is an ideal spot for gardeners to store flower bulbs, tubers, or harvested fall crops, such as onions, squash, apples, and potatoes. Don’t use plastic bags for storing bulbs or crops, as these can trap humidity and condensation causing the contents to rot. Instead, put bulbs and veg somewhere with good ventilation, such as in a wooden unit with slatted drawers, which allows the air to circulate around them, while you can also store potatoes in paper or Hessian sacks.

Finally, small items, such as screws, seed packets, twine and plant labels can easily go amiss. To keep them organized, kit out your workbench or potting table with compact storage solutions, such as a drawer unit, compartmentalized open trays and fabric pouches. To add character, search for vintage pieces with beautiful chipped paint and worn patinas – or give a modern piece a distressed paint finish. 

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