Designer Profile: Lindye Galloway

We investigate the career so far of the California-based interior designer

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Lindye Galloway is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, a full-service interior design firm and online shop based in Orange County, California. 

As a self-taught designer with over 15 years of creative experience, Lindye infuses her California roots style by blending clean lines with organic touches, while always stretching beyond to showcase her ever-evolving style.

Grounded in neutral warmth, each project embodies what Lindye believes is the core experience of home – the deepest realization of comfort, connection, and inspiration.

Since founding the studio in 2015, Lindye has garnered clients from all over the United States for projects including large-scale residential and commercial that bring forth the distinct vision embodied in her work.

As the design studio grew, it paved the way for the Lindye Galloway Shop, featuring thoughtful, unique heirloom quality furniture and décor that brings Lindye’s style to customers beyond the Lindye Galloway Studio clientele. The Lindye Galloway Shop brings accessibility to the comfort, connection, and inspiration found in each home she designs.

What is your style aesthetic?

Lindye Galloway

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway)

'My aesthetic is grounded in my coastal California roots while blending clean lines with organic touches and neutral warmth.' 

What is your design process?

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'When I start the design process, I think about how the home is going to be used and enjoyed. I believe that design embodies the experience of being in the home – yours, your family’s and your guests'. 

'Good design is easily compatible with the rhythms of your life. How you want the home to feel and make you feel is my core guide. I think a lot about the comfort and connection that a home should provide. From there, we define the style, usually blending a couple of styles for a uniquely defined look. My design is inspired by architecture, travel, fashion, and nature.'

Which project has most excited you?

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'Well this is a tough question! We have a project in Hudson Valley, NY with the most stunning view. Our clients were so much fun and really allowed us the creative freedom to create several “moments” throughout the home for custom statements and a space that really represented them. 

'This year we have a couple of projects that represent a different style for us and we’ve been loving stretching into other styles of homes. One is nestled in California with a modern warm style with a unique take and custom details infused throughout every area of the home, from the finishes design to furniture we designed specifically for the home. 

'Another one is a home on 55 acres in Colorado and has a French style. This one has really pushed us to explore a new style that we have loved embracing. I think people will be surprised by our take on French style.'

What is your dream project?

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'Our dream client is one that is ready to create a home very different from what they see on Pinterest :). This can be their guide but then they trust us immensely and allow us creative freedom to bring a unique vision to life. 

'We have a couple dream projects right now where our clients are leaning into a style that is stretching them but cultivating a stunning style and feel throughout the home.'

What is your design superpower?

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'I’ve always been drawn to many different styles in interiors, which has allowed our firm to create a portfolio ranging in style. This experience has given us the unique ability to blend styles while maintaining a commitment to originality in every design.'

Who are your design heroes?

Kelly Wearstler

(Image credit: Joyce Park)

'I just love Kelly Wearstler (above). I have an appreciation for designers that embody a different style than me, but truly define themselves with that style. I find it challenges me and keeps me evolving. I am inspired by notes of her design risks and funk.' 

What is your next big thing?

'We have been designing a new collection of furniture for fall that will launch later this year. I can’t wait to share it – each piece is very unique and full of neutral cocoas, velvets and leather touches that bring warmth and comfort to the home.'

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