Designer Profile: Nicole Hirsch

Describing herself as a 'second generation interior designer', Boston-based Nicole Hirsch is driven to curate unique homes for her clients

Nicole Hirsch
(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios)

Nicole Hirsch is founder and lead designer at Nicole Hirsch Interiors located in Boston, MA. 'We are known for timeless, contemporary design,' explains Nicole. 'We primarily work with clients on new construction or renovation and assist in bringing homes from concept to reality until each piece of furniture and accessory is in place. 

'Clients come to us when they are looking to build a more contemporary style home or transform their more traditional New England homes into a space that marries with their more contemporary aesthetic. We create homes for families and individuals who want an elevated, luxurious environment but still be able to live comfortably in it from day to day.' 

Here, we look at Nicole's interior design career and Nicole Hirsch Interiors' work.

Describe your style aesthetic

Circular black dining table with white chairs

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'Our style aesthetic is classic contemporary. We like to create soothing, inviting spaces with clean lines. We incorporate lots of rich texture in our design through fabrics and finishes. We search endlessly for gorgeous fabrics that bring dimension and depth to furniture while striving to create millwork in the most stunning stains and finishes. 

'We aim to create custom pieces that fit seamlessly within the framework of a home so everything has purpose and fits beautifully to scale. You will always find lots of neutral tones, rich wood surfaces, luxurious rugs and elegant hardware within our homes. Spectacular lighting is also a paramount feature within our designs so we work to create pieces with our favorite vendors in the perfect size and finishes for each home.'

How did it all begin?

Marble topped kitchen island with drawers and cupboards

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'I am a second generation interior designer. I grew up going to the Boston Design Center with my mom. Always in awe over the beautiful fabrics, I helped her write down item numbers for sample requests. So I guess you could say I was raised to become a designer. 

'After college I went into marketing, knowing I could never start my own firm without a solid business background. I learned all about client relations and marketing which was key in helping me when I finally decided to launch Nicole Hirsch Interiors.

'I launched my firm six years ago and it's been a wild, amazing ride ever since. I started on my own working out of a home office and now have a team of designers who work alongside me in a beautiful office space in Wellesley, MA.'

What kind of work do you do?

Large dining table in grey schemed dining room

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'We largely take on new construction or renovation work. This is amazing because we not only get to work with so many immensely talented builders and architects, but we also get to set the tone for the house from everything to the floors, moldings, railings, millwork design, stone, tile, etc. So by the time we get to the true interior design part of the process, we already set the vision and tone for the house through every finishing detail. 

'One of our most notable projects recently has been within the new Residences at the St Regis in the Boston Seaport. We are now currently in the midst of a six story gut renovation of the most incredible brown stone in Boston's prestigious Beacon Hill neighborhood. And currently have five, custom, new construction homes on our project schedule. It's busy!'

Does your firm have specialisms?

modern bedroom with double bed

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'We specialize in projects where the clients are looking for custom, one of a kind pieces that we curate or design for their projects. When we source furniture, many times we have to design our own millwork pieces and upholstery or lighting to give our clients a completely unique look within their home. 

'We specialize in giving clients a home that doesn't feel like they're walking into a carbon copy of their neighbor's home. We bring to life something that was made uniquely for their environment.'

What or who has inspired you?

Large walk in wardrobe with round bench in center

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'I guess you would say my mom was my first inspiration. She taught me the importance of creating a beautiful living environment. I always tell people that designers certainly aren't saving lives, but so many clients have told me that the way we transformed their home has changed their life. You spend so much time in your home, so having a sanctuary where you feel at peace and happy and inspired by your surroundings is so important. It sets the tone for how you start each day. 

'So I think having an upbringing of taking pride in making your house look gorgeous was really important to building my passion for design. I think our clients all understand how new, beautiful design can be transformative to their everyday lives.

'SO many designers inspire me and keep me striving to be better – but I would say Michelle Gerson, Tara Kantor and Ali Budd made me fall in love with contemporary design in my adult life. Their work pushes so many boundaries without being at all fussy or over the top. All three of them are the definition of effortless elegance within design. 

'I also have learned from watching their work the importance of designing and cultivating custom pieces for your clients. Thinking of ways and means to build elements into our design that are part of the bones of the house. Michelle and Tara have also been wonderful mentors to me and one day I hope to meet Ali too!'

Who are your dream clients?

Black marble topped island in white kitchen

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'I recently was in LA and dined at some restaurants that absolutely blew me away from a design perspective. It was really one of the first times I noticed how beautiful and inspirational restaurant design could be. 

'Boston has such a booming, new dining scene. I would love to be able to take on the design of a gorgeous, modern restaurant space. Would be cool to do something where thousands of people could come and enjoy it.'

What's next?

Brightly lit room with wooden desk and two chairs

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'For so many years, our business was largely within the gorgeous suburbs of Boston. Lately we have been moving much more into the city of Boston and working in luxury homes on the waterfront and other high end neighborhoods within the city lines. I think we have just scratched the surface of what our team could bring to Boston city living. 

'We are about to start work with a developer doing all the finishes for 11 luxury brownstones going into an upcoming Boston neighborhood. If this year so far has been any indication of the trajectory of our business, we are certainly going to be growing and making our design mark on lots of new projects. 

'We are blessed to work in such a dynamic, growing city which has gone from being quite traditional to really embracing more modern design. We recognize that people are now looking towards Nicole Hirsch Interiors to be one of the leaders in this space and we are here for it!'

What sets you apart?

Grey living room with two round sofas opposite each other

(Image credit: Sarah WInchester Studios/Nicole Hirsch)

'When clients ask us what sets us apart from other design firms we immediately respond with the following: great interior design is 50% about creating gorgeous designs and 50% about being organized, meticulous and amazing communicators. 

'We pride ourselves on our detailed level of organization, our ability to work with builders and architects in an extremely collaborative way and keeping lines of communication constant and clear with our clients. Designing a home has to be such a well oiled machine and it is one of the elements of our business that we take very seriously.'

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