There's surprisingly tasteful Christmas decor on Amazon

I promise it's not tacky – there are some choice finds if you know where to look

Amazon Prime Christmas decor
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Amazon is great for discount home essentials. However, it's not just for grabbing deals on air fryers and stand mixers. You can also grab some big discounts on Christmas decor.

I can already hear the complaints - Amazon Christmas decor is tacky. You're right - a lot of it is. A giant shivering inflatable snowman might not be for you. But if you know where to look, there are some small touches which can actually elevate your space, and a lot of them are on sale. 

I've scoured thousands of decor items, and after discounting all the window decals and singing Santas, these are some affordable but chic options to get you ready for the holidays. 

Best Amazon Christmas Decor

Best Amazon Christmas Decor

When does Prime Day end?

Prime Day is over, but Amazon still run flash deals, so you can occasionally find high-quality Christmas decor on markdown.

Where else can I find cheap Christmas decor?

IKEA is another great place for inexpensive Christmas decor. We love their most recent collection of Scandi-inspired decorations.

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