The 5 common kitchen items that you don't need – and may be a waste of money

Some kitchen tools just aren't essential...

Common kitchen items you don't need
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Kitchen tools and appliances can be extremely exciting to own, with new possibilities opening up at every moment. 

They also can be unnecessary though, with an overabundance of tools taking up needless amounts of precious kitchen cupboard and worktop space.

Some kitchen appliances are just not necessary and just duplicate the function of already established appliances at home. 

These can often end up making the kitchen look cluttered and chaotic. But what should you consider throwing out now – let's find out. 

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1. Too many cups 

Common kitchen items you don't need

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When it comes to kitchen clutter, tea and coffee cups are prime suspects. Often accumulated over the years, an overzealous mug collection can impact on the amount of kitchen storage space you have available. 

Assign a cup/mug to each individual in your household, and clear out the rest.

2. Speciality glassware

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If you are limited in cupboard space, then streamline your choice of glassware to accommodate the beverages that you enjoy the most. 

Though it may be nice to have dedicated Champagne flutes, red and white wine glasses, goblets and other glassware, sometimes space just won’t allow it – so don’t force it.

3. Unused appliances

Common kitchen items you don't need

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While a paster machine, bread maker or waffle iron might seem impressive, unless you are a budding sous chef or regularly entertain at home, chances are you will only use these appliances once before they are resigned to the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. You have been warned.

4. Opaque food containers

Common kitchen items you don't need

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Tupperware has made food storage a breeze since 1946 – when its airtight ‘burping seal’ set it apart from rivals. It has kept at the industry forefront with microwave-friendly, environmentally conscious and time-saving solutions. 

However, food stored in opaque versions are easily forgotten. You know what they say; ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ We recommend clear versions, always.

5. Nonstick cookware

Common kitchen items you don't need

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Easy to clean and often lightweight to carry, it is easy to understand why nonstick cookware is a firm favorite in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it has been reported that the Teflon coating that keeps food from sticking can emit toxic fumes when heated above 500 F. Although the harmful effects are low, it is best to proceed with caution when choosing your next frying pan. 

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